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"Through him, with him and in him, all of the glory is yours, now and forever; thanks be to God" ― Sabbath Clyde

The Divine (known in other cultures as Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah etc.) is the Holy Piercer version/equivalent of God. He mostly represents "God the Father" in the Holy Trinity, rather than the entirety of the Triune God. He created heaven and the rest of the universe in the act known as Genesis, during that time, he created a paradise for what will become his greatest creation, too humble to become the gods, yet too smart to become beasts, that would be the human race. Acting as the master of the world, he battles his brother, The Devil in what would become a catastrophic war. He would almost be killed in the first black mass, but was saved due to a sacrifice done by his son, The Lightbringer.

This would begin an enormous downward spiral for The Divine, turning him into the Omnipotent Lunatic he is by the start of the series, abandoning his faithful land and allowing Earth to ultimately crash into ruin with humanity beginning to eat itself alive and the war between Heaven and Hell escalating into more ridiculous proportions and consequences.

He turns from loving and fatherly to cold and distant, fulfilling the idea of Deism, where he has since left humanity to its own devices, instincts and ideas.

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He only continues to become even more crazy, erratic and bored, one day during the events of Holy Piercer he completely disappears, leaving Heaven in disarray (which was luckily reinstated back into order by his son, The Messiah).

During the Eighth Repentance, he was eventually found living his life disguised as an attractive man in his 50s, simply living his life drinking the fine wines of what was once Valhalla. This entire state he was in drives the Immanuelists to mass suicide, and also leads Sabbath Clyde to attack him, but said hero was killed by The Divine.

Sabbath's death would reach both Marcus and The Messiah, and soon the latter would face his father, defeat him, kill him and become the altruistic, loving and caring combination of both The Father and The Son, now fully living up to the expectations of the world about God.

As a part of The Messiah, The Messiah soon resurrects both the Immanuelists and Sabbath Clyde, before heading towards The Dragon and convincing him in a dream to unify Heaven and Hell, ending the war completely, once and for all.