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I wasn’t originally going to reveal where I come from but now I have no choice.

I have been working on an end times story called The Last World War. But I am stuck. Here is why.

I originally came up with ideas of this story and the main protagonist in 2018. Back then, I was a user on with the username Jacob Harrison. I was a Catholic on a mostly atheist forum trying to convert the users there to Catholicism. The user Niam2023 decided to plagiarize my ideas and began writing this story.

Notice to how the text is similar. This is because I decided to get him back for plagiarizing me by borrowing chapters from his story to make my own version. My version is pro Catholic while his version is anti Catholic. We agreed to have a competition to see which version of the story people like better.

However Niam2023 has been incredibly lazy. He finished chapter 11 in November 2018 and hasn’t done chapter 12 until April 3 THIS YEAR. If he doesn’t add new chapters for me to use, the story on this wiki will never be completed.

Therefore, I request for you to join the discord server of Fundies Say the Darnedest Things so that you can encourage him to make new chapters. The link to the discord is on the main site.