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Ulilang Kaluluwa (Orphaned Spirit) is an antagonist in the Holy Piercer series. Currently living as a fragment of itself named Sandali, it was taken in by the god of the underworld Bakunawa and through her allegiance with the aforementioned dragon would she be associated with Lucifer's Legion.


Long ago, the Philippines Zone was made by an entity known as Bathala. The first being that came to be that was not of Bathala's creation was a dark serpentine spirit known as Ulilang Kaluluwa, a being born from the chaos which Bathala had slain, thus giving it its name, The Orphaned Spirit.

Bathala would slay this serpent and cut it into fragments, scattering it across the seven thousand islands. The orphaned spirit would lay dormant until at some point a fragment of it would be found in Taal by an agent of Bakunawa, the Philippine dragon god of the underworld.

This fragment would be named Sandali (moment), and be a fragile faith-based underling and disciple of the dragon. As of the moment her current goal is to reconnect with her lost fragments. Thanks to the efforts of Siga the Kapre King, she has enough time to safely attempt in finding her lost fragments and become her old self once more.