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This is a Christian apocalyptic story based on what the early Christians believed about the apocalypse. I converted back to Anglicanism, because I did research on the Catholic Church’s official amilenial interpretation of the Book of Revelation which caused me to do research on the Hundred Years War and the Treaty of Troyes. The Catholic Church’s incorrect symbolic interpretation of the millennium means that they interpret other epic things such as the locust monsters, fire spewing horses, and specially selected 144000 male virgins from the 12 Tribes of Israel only symbolically.

The Anglican Church on the other hand, does not have an official doctrine of the millennium in any of their articles of faith, making me free to write this story that promotes the literal millennium and other literal things in the Book of Revelation.


Jacob Harrison was at his home doing college work. Suddenly, someone grabbed him and he found himself in another dimension. He was in a transparent hall, with a void of blackness beyond the walls. He saw that his friend Shawn Jackson was the one who grabbed him. There were a bunch of other people as well. One of them looked like a King, another that looked like a crown prince and the others looked like knights. Iva, the woman who married Shawn during college was also there.

“Where am I?” asked Jacob.

“We’ll tell you later,” said Shawn. “Right now, we have to escape from beings coming after us.”

I then followed them through the halls and through a doorway. I then seemed to be in a castle.

“You were in the Timeless Halls,” said the man who looked like a king. “You see, the events in the Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings were real historic events that JRR Tolkien was telepathically influenced to write about. He was mistaken that they took place in Earth’s past, they actually took place in another dimension called Ea.

Lucifer and a third of the Angels were inspired to rebel against God when they first heard of Morgoth’s rebellion against Eru Illuvatar and the Valar. After Lucifer, who became Satan and his angels were thrown out of heaven to the Earth, he entered the void and travelled to the time in Ea when Morgoth broke free from the void. He and his demons joined forces with Morgoth while the Angels of God joined forces with the Valar, Maiar, and the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

Morgoth was killed and permanently defeated, while his army of Orcs and other creatures acknowledged Satan as Morgoth’s successor as Dark Lord. Eventually, Satan formed a direct portal between Ea and our universe, making time flow the same in both.

When they heard that God created Hell as a future place of punishment for humans who died without repenting of their sins, the Valar began to foolishly believe that Eru Illuvatar is different from Yahweh, the God of this Universe, that they are infinite beings that are aspects of the multiverse in totality. They therefore called Yahweh a “tyrant” and attempted to “free” mankind, causing a war between them and the Angels. This resulted in their defeat, but the Maiar kept waging the war. Recently, the angels invaded of Ea and part of the Timeless Halls which allowed I King James IV, Prince Michael, and the Knights of the New Round Table to find a door to Earth’s past, and rescue Shawn, his wife, and the magic swords before a nuclear bomb detonated in the area where you and Shawn live, and then Shawn saved you. You see, I was told by an angel that Shawn had in his possession, ancient magic swords that belonged to the original Knights of the Round Table, so Satan considered Shawn a threat and had demons possess people who launched a nuke.

We are in the year 999 of the millennium. The fact that the millennium and other things described in the Book of Revelation turned out to be literal brought an end to officially amillenial denominations such as Catholicism, and all Christians joined the Anglican Communion where each nation has a national church with apostolic succession that is in communion with all the other nation’s churches. Legitimate governments were restored throughout the world such as in England, Scotland, Ireland, and France when the Jacobite heirs were restored to those thrones.

The Christians who were beheaded by the Antichrist were resurrected. They remain the same age in their glorified bodies. As prophesied in Isaiah 65:20, the rest of the human population live a lot longer, for centuries in fact. People who are in a state of mortal sin prior to turning 100, die at the age of 100 which is equivalent to 20. Today, most people under 100 turned against God and consider Satan to be the “lesser evil” and will join him in rebellion when he’s released from the abyss. They think that they can bring about a utopia where the secret to immortality is found.

The wicked believe the same deception that was spread during the Tribulation. They believe the heresy from the gnostic Apocryphon of John. They believe that the God who created this universe is the demiurge Yaltabaoth was created when the Aeon Sophia engaged in creative activity without a consort. They believe that he was hideous so she hid him and he originally thought he was the sole God, making him arrogant.

The Maiar now believe that this caused the Aeon Eru Illuvatar to lack a consort when he created the Valar which resulted in the creation of Morgoth. Yaltabaoth created this universe seeing the image of the spirit of the Monad which is the multiverse in totality which resulted in him creating humans based on humans in Ea.

They believe that Sophia and another Aeon which represents light intervened and was the one who got the first evolved man Yaltabaoth chose to have a relationship with, Adam to eä eat from the Tree of Knowledge to give him knowledge of the multiverse which enabled him to become free from Yaltoaboath. They believe that the Aeons also created Eve is and that the Aeon who represents the light is Christ who Yaltabaoth deceived Christians into believing that he is his son. They believe that Yaltabaoth also created Islam and the schisms within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to keep his followers distracted fighting each other for millennia to prevent them from achieving knowledge of the truth about him and they continue to get deceived in the afterlife by going to different heavens based on their religion. They believe that the being who plans to sit at the right hand of Yaltabaoth and judge people on judgement day is an Angel who plans to impersonate Christ.”

You will wield one of the swords of the Knights of the Round Table, serve King James IV, and help battle against these heretic rebels and Satan’s demonic army when the millennium comes to an end.”

Chapter 1 Abaddon Tiding[]

The messenger rode throughout the night - he had information that would either see Europe rally its defenses, or be broken against the waves coming from the east. He had seen the locust monsters in their swarms, and been forced to abandon his company, nation, and friends to bring this forward.

Six different wounds, lacerated and oozing blood, presented a drain on the young messenger's stamina.

By the time he arrived at New Camelot, he was half dead and delirious - murmuring about the threat to come to anyone within sight.

The great capitol of the restored Kingdom of France was enormous, full of thriving markets, towns, villages and even quasi-cities thriving within the walls. At the center of course was the Quicksilver Castle that formed New Camelot's backbone. The King lived out of that place, great and coursing with life. Divided into quarters for courtiers living in the castle, knights, and royal apothecaries.

Sir Jacob Harrison, wielder of the mystic sword Arondight called for medics to help the messenger. Even as the medics came and brought the messenger on to a stretcher, the young man coughed up blood and forced a scroll into Jacob’s hands. "You...must...p-please...they devoured everything..."

And then the messenger went slack upon the stretcher. His eyes went dim, and then dark. The blood flowed freely, speckled with small metallic pieces - whatever had done this to him had left ample bits of itself within him. Blood thinned was blood that flowed longer and resulted in exsanguination.

The head medic cursed under his breath, "...Dead. Damn it. What happened?"

Jacob replied, looking at the scroll, "This probably explains everything. He died to bring this here. Whatever dastards did this...they very nearly claimed this man too, at the site of the incident..."

The medic remarked, "...And even still, he died. Take that to King Michael, and make sure you speak nothing of this to any of the other Knights. Spreading panic would likely do half the work of whoever did this to this poor boy."

Jacob only then realized in truly examining the dead man how young this boy was indeed - the wounds belied it, but it was obvious. The young man was around 17 at most, probably only just finishing up his squire vocation..

"What a tragedy..." The knight whispered to himself.

With that, and reinforced in needing to see something done about this, he marched out.

The King's chambers were quiet at this hour. Most of the courtiers had finished their business and went to their estates, only a few knights remained to speak of the completion of their quests. That was when Jacob entered, striding meaningfully and outright shoving one man out of the way.

King Michael of the House of Lichtenstein, the successor to the late King James IV propped himself up on the throne's arm rests, "J-Jacob? What is it? What's going on?"

Jacob knelt before the throne, remembering pleasantries, "My liege, a messenger arrived mere moments earlier. He was seriously wounded and died amidst the apothecaries - but he died giving this scroll to me. It must be something important if he rode here direly wounded."

Michael cupped his chin and toyed with his beard, "Recite it for me, Jacob."

Nodding, Jacob opened the scroll and recoiled in shock at several dried spots of blood, a deliberate but hurried styling to the English of the scroll, and the signature of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He cleared his throat and recited aloud, "They came in the dead of night, they flew through the sky ten thousand thick in every direction - their wings did fill the night with sounds of their woeful flight. They not only fought our finest knights, but devoured them, armor and all. They pried my poor daughter in half and---dear God, they yet hunger for more. I send this message to you, King Michael, to say that they are the returned Locust Horde, led by the vile Angel of the Abyss, self proclaimed King Abaddon. Let this be word of warning - mobilize and be ready to fight this Sovereign of Ruin."

Jacob rolled the scroll back up, awaiting his King's orders.

Michael seemed to contemplate, rocking back on his throne and letting out a strained breath, "...burn that. Until this so called "Angel of the Abyss" is able to be seen and presents a danger to MY Kingdoms, we will not move out or retaliate. We instead need to prepare for the real danger, Satan who is due to emerge from the abyss in the thousandth year of the millennium. For all we know this could be trickery by our enemies."

Jacob's eyes widened, did his old friend have no compassion for the man who died to bring this information to the kingdom? "B-But your majesty, it seems prudent with such a powerful foe---"

Michael cut him off, scoffing, "It cannot truly be THE Abaddon. He and his locusts were only allowed on the Earth for 5 months during the Tribulation a millennium ago. I will take this warning, but only as that of a far too pretentious bandit horde."

Jacob tightened his grip on the scroll and looked down. He was familiar with his friend's tics, but this was a most uncharacteristic move. Did not the Knightly Code of Chivalry say that the weak are to be protected? This was not the time to hunker down and operate only within the borders!

Michael spoke again, "Burn that, Jacob. Mark my words - we are not going to engage with problems beyond our borders."

Jacob emptily answered, "Yes, your majesty. May I be excused?"

"Yes. Remember, we can’t get distracted from the coming battle."

Jacob then walked out, his eyes planted on the floor. He kept walking until he reached his chambers, threw the door open and then slammed it shut, and punched the door once for good measure. The knight pulled off his armor, set his Mystic Sword aside, and looked down at the scroll now resting on the bed. He wondered how Abaddon and his locusts could be roaming the Earth again. He thought of the King’s orders.

"...I can't stand for this."

Chapter 2 King Abaddon[]

A country that once was a country of humans was now a country of horrifying monsters.

The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. They had tails with stingers, like scorpions.

They marched like automatons, having devoured everything within the range of their wretched fangs. They gorged themselves endlessly, needlessly, and with great gluttony and greed. Nothing was spared in their horrific hunger. Men, women, children, even swords, armor and gold. Everything that met those fangs was gnashed to pieces and digested.

At the center of what was once the large central castle was a room made by demolition of the internal walls, and the ceiling only existed as rubble on the floor. The throne yet remained, but was twisted by the foul essence of what dwelt here now. It half resembled the mandibles of a proper locust, twisted into the form of a great throne which the dark master of the horde sat upon, pretending at royalty.

King Abaddon seated on this throne of his own devising was a massive figure that made every remaining human forced to come to his court shriek with fear. Larger than his underlings by far, standing around 20 feet tall, Abaddon seared his image into every eye that witnessed him. His mouth was always open, ready to devour anything within sight.

The old Grand Duke of Luxembourg was dragged before Abaddon by two of his locusts - rather than kill the Grand Duke and his two sons, Abaddon decided to keep them prisoner. Both for his own amusement, and to have someone to brag to.

The vain Angel of the Abyss handily tossed a pair of human orphans of his war into his mouth, crunched them to gristle in his maw, and then swallowed, "Your country is mine, old fool. I will rule over its ruins proudly, and extend my grip over this besotted landscape. There is nothing you can do at this point. God has ordained my---"

The old Grand Duke spat at Abaddon's feet, "God ordained nothing. You do this for your own sadistic ends."

Abaddon picked some of a child's femur out of his teeth, toying with it in one hand, "True enough - I take a certain kind of pleasure out of ruining that which Man creates. One disaster or plague can bring low even the mightiest kingdom or republic. Think of that, think of that great power given to Me, the Angel of the Abyss, Lord of Desolation. But ultimately, saying God ordains this is a trendy statement in this age."

The old Grand Duke shouted at him, "You are nothing but a monster!"

Abaddon responded by throwing the bone he'd played with at the old Grand Duke’s feet, the bone decayed away substantially due to contact with Abaddon, "Act with care, old fool - you would call an Angel a monster. Remember, I carry your two precious sons' lives in the palms of my hands, and in my infinite mercy, I simply leave them in constant, 24 / 7 absolute isolation. I could revoke that mercy, that invaluable gift from me to you, in but one word to my locusts. Do you want that on your conscience, old man?"

The old Grand Duke stammered and remembered the horror he'd been subjected to. Seen his poor, precious daughter torn to pieces and eaten, and seen his people eviscerated. " please don't..." The old Grand Duke cried outloud, resulting in several choked chortles from the Angel of the Abyss.

Abaddon stated, "If you would like me to continue extending this mercy to your sons, then I want you to get down on your hands and knees and lick that spittle you so rudely expelled from your mouth off of my floor."

Chapter 3 The Knight Life[]

Jacob was rather surprised when three knocks issued from the door - and went to answer. The person at the door was Sir Shawn Jackson.

“In about an hour, there will be a meeting of the Knights at the Round Table to discuss border security and defense.”

“I’ll be ready,” replied Jacob.

The New Round Table was a marvel of science and magic.

It levitated off of the ground, and displayed a massive map of Europe above itself, the structure itself made of blue rock engraved with holy runes derived of angelic works, and constantly rotating.

Will was clad in his armor for this meeting, as was custom, Arondight across his back.

Standing at stations across the Table were every one of the holy Knights, successors of the original Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.

King Michael only appeared as a magical image at the head of the Table - some would call that a hologram - due in part to "other things" he needed to do. "Now, everyone, I have called this Moot to session because of various factors that have become visible to me due to sources close to the throne..."

“A bandit horde is mobilizing by our nearby border. We need to secure it.”

Shawn spoke up; "I would advocate Sir Jacob, myself, Sir Patrick, and Sir Eugene to lead the way, along with a good number of casualry soldiers."

Jacob was unfamiliar with his term for lower class soldiers, but he caught its meaning at the very least.

Michael seemed to contemplate this, and nodded, "Very well, Sir Shawn, you may have this border defense force. You will share joint command with Jacob. But keep in mind. This is a border defense force. You are not to advance beyond the border without extremely good reason in doing so."

Jacob looked down to conceal his scowl. Not only was the King uninterested in pursuing the intelligence, but he was also taking every action needed to try and prevent anyone else from acting on it.

That was when Sir Larg spoke up, "Your majesty, these fighting men are chomping at the bit to possibly engage in battle again, would it truly be wise in a time of peace to form such a unit? Surely what rests beyond our immediate borders can be resolved without needing to involve our more powerful knights."

Brian Larg was a large, unfit and gluttonous man, known for his enjoyment of food, gold acquisition and women, and planned to only repent at the last minute, right before the end. He was nonetheless one of the richest men on the Table Council, and despite his vices he was an appointment needed to keep his wealthy and powerful family loyal.

Jacob however found him a disgusting parasite of a creature and one they'd have been better off ridding themselves of before he metastasized too much into the Council.

Michael didn't contemplate that long in issuing a response, "I am aware of the danger of foreign commitment, and I trust my Knights to fulfill my will and aims even in my absence. Jacob has proven himself a loyal and faithful, Christian soul. Stay your worries Sir Larg, and if you truly worry you may follow them along as an observer."

The King then put his hands upon the table and said, "If this is all that need be said, then the Round Table is adjourned for today. I trust each of you will enact every order I have dictated, here or elsewhere..." He said with a particular glance toward Jacob, "...I know I can trust you all."

And with that the image of the King disappeared.

As the Round Table Knights commenced exiting, Jacob started toward the exit, but found his way blocked off by Larg, who glared up at the taller man. "I know you golden hearted boys, and your fascination with virtue and adventure. I find it disgusting - know that I am going to make sure NOTHING happens. You can drill and practice with the troops at the border, but no dallying into foreign lands will occur on my watch..."

Jacob promptly snapped at Larg, "...a parasite like you has no right to speak of such things. You do nothing but inhale food and exhale profanity."

"Virtue signalling brats like you make me sick, Jacob,” replied Larg. “You pretend at goodness, but I know! I know better!"

Shawn then walked over and asked, "Don't you have young maidens to harass, Lord Larg?"

Larg huffed and walked off, out of the council room.

Jacob glowered, clenching a fist tightly, " moment...just one moment with him, and I would make that vile parcel of crimes a charred corpse..."

Shawn outright laughed, and clasped a hand around Will’s shoulder, "Would that could be the case! As it is, we merely need hope whatever is going on past the borders acquires that abuser for another of its victims. Let us go, lad, such that we don't inspire another scene here."

Jacob followed Shawn out, looking back at the throne room. How was it that he only really noticed the flaws in Michael’s kingdoms when it all stopped moving for but a moment?

Chapter 4 Stygian Burning[]

That night...

Jacob considered the schedule - he wanted to move out faster, but Shawn insisted on giving people more time to mobilize and aggregate the logistics. The deployment should happen in nine days, which was altogether too long in the mind of the knight of lightning. He did not wield his sword to wait on this sort of thing.

Frustrated by both a King who ignored signs and a council that included that obsequious cretin Larg, Shawn basically threw his armor into a corner in his room, undressed, and went to bed.

Putting his arms behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling.

Before long the young knight started to drift off to sleep, hoping a good rest would allay his worries.

A few hours later, Shawn stirred awake due to the light cast by baleful beacons outside - the light shining on his ceiling and through the window in total detail. "What the devil...?" He murmured and slowly brought himself up, pulling on his small clothes just in time for a squire to barge in.

"The district of Giorga within the city is ablaze!! Tis calamity!"

When the squire began babbling about what was happening, the shirtless Jacob ran over, gripped him by the shoulders and shook the man. "Speak plainly! What is going on!?"

The squire calmed and stated, "The district of Giorga caught fire! Sir Galavan took his squad to the area, and we've heard naught from him since his team arrived there."

Jacob started to get a picture of what happened, and didn't hesitate for a moment to get dressed, put on his armor - ensuring the circuits and such were in proper order - and then picked up Arondight. He ran out lightning fast from the castle, past sentries and baffled messengers, out into the main roads of New Camelot. In the distance he saw the flames raging, and the young knight grit his teeth.

He promptly leaped high, jumping from the top of one building to the next in amazing bursts of speed - checking every area he passed in case people were in danger.

He eventually found what he judged to be part of the cause of these events.

A trio of creatures harassing a baker trying to evacuate his goods from his burning shop. The leader seemed to be a red, single horned humanoid with beady eyes clad in unusual clothes resembling shorts and a sort of blue and white shirt. It carried a long handled sword-like weapon in one hand which it brandished at its intended victim.

The other two resembled shrunken, vile humanoids, their nails longer than usual due to their flesh withering, long fangs visible in their mouths, hair grown out long and bedraggled.

"P-Please let me go..."

The red tall monster laughed loudly, "Not without your goods."

"O-Okay, okay, you can have my bread, just let me live!"

The red monster leaned forward, readying its weapon, "We prefer your innards, human!"

And just as he swung his weapon, a massive bolt of lightning crashed into the monster, stopping its attack short and outright almost incinerating it. All that was left of it was a vaguely human looking corpse amidst the tar its body was reduced to.

Jacob stood upon one of the buildings, his sword showing a mote of light at the tip, lightning crackling on the rest of the sword. He glared intensely at the other two monsters, who outright shrieked in fear and ran away from the baker, "I-Its him! The Lightning Strike! He's too much!" The monsters retreated back in the direction of Giorga.

Jacob leaped down and helped the cringing baker get his bearings. The older man patted the knight's shoulder, "T-Thank you, thank you, good sir, come by my shop and you can have whatever you like free of charge."

The lightning bolt knight asked, "Could you tell me what happened here? This is all tremendously unsettling and confusing..."

The baker shuddered, looking further at the burning township, "People were shouting about...about a locust, and then there was a light...a bright, red light...and some of the townsfolk...their bodies, they twisted and changed...oh dear God, they weren't even human any more..."

Jacob contemplated this, and asked further, "...Locust? Red light...?"

That was when he heard the sound of horses approaching, and turned, seeing Sir Shawn and his ensemble arriving.

Jacob ran over to the mounted Sir Shawn, and stated, "It seems something arrived that turned the citizenry into foul monstrosities..." Jacob looked over at the charred corpse he'd produced by his lightning, and winced. That...that had once been human. Was there anything left in there?

Shawn nodded, "Let's tackle whatever happened here together, Sir Jacob. The monsters seem to be staying within the Giorga area and surrounding district. The priest of the local church informed me that there is a singular dark force that seems to be instigating this chaos, and so gave me this device..." He promptly took out a small machine that showed a basic map of the surroundings with a few dots visible further on. "This machine shows the location of the monsters and their originator, using the signal of the originator to locate the monsters."

Jacob nodded, looking at the Giorga area, "Lead the way Sir Shawn. I'll follow and do my best to destroy the creatures inciting this destruction."

With that, both of them continued on.

Further in, a pair of harpy like creatures darted down from the tops of buildings, met by Sir Jacob, who brandished his sword and split one of the creatures in two in one swing of his sword mid-jump between buildings.

Sir Shawn was not exactly harmless himself, and he drew his own sword, shouting, "Witness thrice holiness - Trisagion!" The sword crackled with flame and then emitted a cone of flame that incinerated the harpy remaining as it went at him.

Jacob then cut down a strange creature that seemed halfway between human and plant life, its shrieking only getting louder as Jacob sent a powerful bolt with a thrust from Arondight through its main body, interrupting an attempt by it to feed on bound villagers. Its roots then disintegrated and freed the villagers after it perished.

He then landed on the ground near where the monster had stood.

"What horrid creatures these did they emerge from the citizens here?"

Shawn incinerated another of the odd plant-like monsters mid-attempt at feeding, and stated, "We are getting close to the source of this explosive epidemic, so we may well get our answer. We have not seen hide nor hair of Sir Galavan since we arrived odd."

However neither let that stop them.

Both continued deeper into the arrondissement, the fire having done quite a lot of damage the deeper they went in. Eventually, they reached the mayoral office, which was absolutely totaled by what looked like an intensive battle long before their arrival. A dead monster rested on the ground...

And Jacob covered his mouth.

Sir Galavan's corpse was right next to the dead monster, and the creature so evidently responsible was now in sight based on the frantic beeping from Shawn’s device.

The cause of the event was feeding upon the dead knight's body. It resembled a tremendous metallic locust with a vicious gargoyle-like face, red light pouring out of carved looking eyes. Its curved teeth tore meat out of the fallen knight's body, and it stood to full height to regard its new foes.

Sir Shawn’s men arrived shortly behind the two knights, murmurs of disgust and horror shared between the knights.

Jacob readied his sword and shouted, "Be strong! This is the monster that inflicted this disaster upon Giorga!" And that was all he said, followed by running along the ground right into the fight. The creature attempted to fend him off, which got one of its limbs torn off by a swing of Jacob’s sword.

His eyes widened however as the monstrosity's limb simply extended a black mist that then brought the limb back on.

This was followed by a burst of dark wind generated by its wings sending Jacob backward.

He tried to dart back in, but the creature seemed to expect him, striking the knight and sending him backward through one of the remaining walls of the mayoral building. It didn't hurt as much as it could've courtesy of his armor, but that was a heavy blow regardless.

Shawn attempted to take advantage of its distraction to attack with his flames, shooting a tremendous firebird from his free hand at the horrific locust. While this blew off a few of its legs and limbs, even ripping clean its jaw, all of the above simply flew back on via the black mist contained in its body.

It followed that up by swiping at Shawn, sending him flying backward via another burst of dark wind.

Such was the fight for a good twenty minutes, both knights tried to strike at it - and the monster simply regenerated and struck back harder and harder.

Jacob managed to control his movement and stopped next to Shawn after one particularly heavy strike, "...nothing we do seems to stop it for long! It regenerates too fast!"

The lesser knights tried to step forward, prompting Jacob and Shawn to move to the sides, shooting yellow blasts from swords and lances both at the locust, which simply walked right through them, not even taking any damage.

Jacob and Shawn then fired off a lightning blast and a fire burst at the locust from the left and right respectively, which again just resulted in the monster regenerating the damage soon after taking it.

Jacob cursed to himself, "Dammit! It just keeps on regenerating, nothing seems to slow it down..."

"Watch out!" Shawn shouted, just in time for Jacob to move, seeing the creature readying its own attack.

A number of black orbs formed as the locust gripped two of its claws together - in greater and greater numbers around it, and it then fired them off in a tremendous range but at very slow speeds. Jacob and Shawn easily dodged, but a couple especially cocky lesser knights didn't move in time...and promptly entirely turned charred black at contact from that.

Those so affected them crumbled to dust.

A couple of the knights commentated, "It kills instantaneously..."

"...hah, if we just dodge, then it'll..." He barely had a chance to complete his sentence when the locust moved in, ripping through both commenting knights' throats with its claws.

Jacob grimaced and charged back in, thinking of something, "Follow my lead and back me up!" He couldn't just dodge and run away and let this thing wreak its damage on the men without doing anything!

Shawn muttered, "I fail to see what charging in will do, but anything to bring this to a close..." The flame knight promptly followed.

Jacob dodged several swipes of the creature's claws, and then stabbed Arondight into the monster's torso...followed by flaring up his power. The clouds above turned black and angry, followed by a huge lightning bolt crashing down on the impaled creature while Jacob held his sword in there.

He winced due to the heat and force from the lightning crash, the locust abomination stumbling on its feet, barely any of the black mist remaining as it tried to repair the damage done to it. Shawn then darted in and shouted, "Yes! I have to strike before it can restore itself!"

Shawn then ignited his sword and struck up close, igniting a tremendous explosion that shattered the shell of the monster. Both knights skidded backward due to the sheer impact produced. Jacob breathed harshly, and saw Shawn doing likewise.

Only the lower body of the monster remained, looking charred by their combined effort.

Slowly the remains of the creature disintegrated, and Jacob sighed - he'd hoped to see the apothecaries collect samples on that, such that they could understand whatever that thing was.

Both men felt battered, exhausted, and confused - this was beyond their normal experiences, and well beyond anything they'd seen. They then looked at one another and both sighed. The King would need to know about this.

Chapter 5 Jeopardy of a Fellow[]

The next day...

Jacob slammed his hands on the round table, making the whole of the levitating device shake with the sheer weight of his utter rage. “People are dead! Our people, who we swore to protect in our oaths as knights, and we know who is responsible!"

Michael's image quaked a bit due to the sheer force involved, and he responded in kind, "I will not countenance such a move! There is no cause to yet again move beyond the borders. There is NO proof that such this creature spawned from the actions of the Angel of the Abyss!"

Jacob gripped the side of the rotating Round Table, stating, "The messenger came here, and the monster appeared in short CANNOT tell me you don't see this! It fought both me and Sir Shawn to a near stand still, and we are two of the strongest knights present! I will not see this monster harm any more---"

Michael interjected, very evidently tired and aggrieved by the continuation of this issue, "Fine then, Jacob, you can have the border defense team, and if you can find ironclad, unfalsifiable proof..." The King seemed to say while glancing in Sir Larg's direction, "...then I will accept the reality of the Angel of the Abyss returning to Earth. But bear in mind, if for all your bluster you cannot find proof, there will be consequences for you whence you return in disgrace."

Jacob let go of the table and let it continue rotating.

He then let his arms fall down by his side and he glanced up one more time, "...very well. I'll make sure that such proof finds its way to you, my King."

Michael then gestured with one arm, "You may go - this Moot is over."

Jacob decided to go for a walk to deal with his anger instead of returning to his room and pulverizing it further. He took an oath to protect the weak and serve the common good, not to selectively ignore the suffering of unfortunate and downtrodden people just to keep to a policy of isolation! This would not be what James IV would have done, Jacob tried to tell himself.

Just thinking of the old king, though, brought to mind what happened to him, and the transition into King Michael's reign.

Yet Jacob had stuck by the new King, and served with all effort for him. And now...

It all just frustrated him the more he thought about it!

Jacob kicked one of the rocks in the road hard enough to send it flying. Against all expectations, he wound up hitting something just above one of the houses near the road.

He was baffled by the sound, having clearly expected to just send the rock flying and out of sight - leaping up to the top of the house and seeing what looked like a red armored little creature knocked out cold, and a quivering small humanoid with wings laying down, clearly shocked by what happened.

Jacob had never seen a fairy before, but he knew his occult matters well enough to know this was one of them. "Little fairy, what are you doing out here?"

The fairy immediately rushed over to Jacob and hugged his leg, sniffling and crying profusely, "Oh thank you Sir Knight! That monster would've been the death of me..."

Jacob let the little guy get his tears out, and then moved backward. The Knight then asked the little person, "What is going on that a fairy would be flying around in New Camelot?"

That nearly enticed another crying fit from the little guy, though he held it back this time, “I-It's terrible Mr. Knight! The surviving Old Gods plan to return to prominence on Earth, so we fairies intervened to help the Maiar fight against them and now the god Pales is attacking our forest.”

I knew from my history lessons what he was talking about. It was revealed during the Tribulation who the Old Gods were. They were alien creatures who came to Earth to give mankind an alternative to Yahweh who demanded worship of only himself and Satan and the demon gods who people sacrificed other people to. When the Tribulation began, a man from Italy called Marco Romano revealed that he is the human incarnation of Zeus/Jupiter and became Emperor of the restored Pagan Roman Empire, the Whore of Babylon.

After the first 1260 days of the Tribulation, the Beast of the Sea ascended from the abyss. He was the resurrected Emperor Nero, the human incarnation of Jupiter’s father Cronus/Saturn who plotted to regain control of his world since he and the other Titans were previously overthrown by Jupiter and the Olympians. The numerical value of his name in Hebrew is 666.

There were also 10 men who were the human incarnations of the heads of other surviving pantheons, who opposed Jupiter’s claim to be the Supreme God over other pantheons. As prophesied in Revelation 17:16, they destroyed Rome and partitioned the Earth into 10 kingdoms. Jupiter/Marco Romano was killed and the other Olympians were defeated. Then as prophesied in Daniel 7:8, the little horn Nero, destroyed 3 of the kings, the incarnations of Odin, Ra, and Anu, and the other 7 kings capitulated to him.

But this was part of Satan’s plan to destroy his rivals. He betrayed Nero and allowed him and the Beast of the Earth, the human incarnation of the Titan Coelus/Polus to be defeated on the Mount of Olives by the Archangel Michael and thrown into the Lake of Fire. The surviving Old Gods would indeed seek to free them and get revenge on Satan.

“Pales is a threat to both of our world’s so I will help you fight him,” said Jacob.

The fairy took great heart of this and danced about in the air, “"Ohh thank you so much Mr. Knight! Tamerin is going to be sooo happy!"

He then motioned in front of him, creating a larger than normal gateway. With that both the fairy and Jacob went into the dimensional doorway, which closed off behind them.

In the Fairy Forest, Jacob was immediately assaulted by the smell of burning wood. Numerous large humanoid creatures were carrying around torches, the trees here burning, but never quite ending up totally destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

Jacob did not even listen to the cries of the fairy to be careful, splitting one of these vile marauders in two in one swing of Arondight.

Two others closed in, only to be cut through with almost casual ease by the sword Arondight, one after the other.

Each foe seemed to dissolve into dust upon being vanquished, and Jacob eventually turned to look at the fairy after he was sure the fighting was halted for now. "What...are those things? I don't think they're humans..."

The fairy answered, "Pales brought those things with him. He called them Lesser Titans - he ordered them to burn the forest...I've...I've never seen anyone handle them as well as you did."

There was a sound of blades clashing, and Jacob immediately ran off to the sounds of fighting, seeing a young boy fending off easily five of the Lesser Titans, these ones wielding blades instead of mere torches.

The boy was covered with shallow wounds, including one on his cheek, having dark hair and blue eyes, clothed in a large jacket with a hood and slacks. What caught Jacob’s attention about him was the presence of a floating spear / sword hybrid. The sword spear had a large blade with a long handle.

The floating blade whirred through the air and countered each strike extremely quickly, the young boy coordinating the blade with his hands.

When one of the Lesser Titans slipped through, Will acted, quick as lightning - sending a bolt straight from his sword at the Lesser Titan, frying the monster on contact. Moving through the new opening, the boy and Jacob put their backs up against one another, and asked, "Mind telling me how you do that trick with the spear?"

The boy ruminated aloud, "...don't think you're one of the fairies, guess Miru brought a Knight in. How about I tell you after we fight off these clunkers?"

Jacob simply nodded and fended off a swing from one of the Titans, followed by the sword spear flying in and slicing through the Lesser Titan.

The floating weapon then deflected an attack aimed at the boy, which Jacob took advantage of to blast the Lesser Titan into a nearby lake.

The spear then glowed and turned into about eighty flying miniature versions of itself that ripped through one of the Lesser Titans mid-attempt at a sneak attack, reassembling into the main form.

Jacob then finished off the last one with a skewering attack that was followed up by slashing up and out the shoulder area. He then turned and looked at the boy. The boy’s spear then produced what looked like a droplet of odd golden water, which the boy applied to his hand. The shallow wounds by and large healed, leaving Jacob marveling at a truly multi-purpose arsenal in one weapon.

The boy promptly brought his weapon over to him, and stated, "Well, fighting those things off proves you're not one of Pales' goons. Little Miru probably mentioned me - I'm Tamerin, the current Fairy King."

Will looked at the younger man up and down and a small bemused look came to his face, "...Pretty tall for a Fairy..."

Tamerin explained, "I am a human-fairy hybrid, descended from men from Middle Earth. Much as I’d like to explain my history, we have to focus on defeating Pales."

Jacob nodded - for a little guy, he could definitely respect Tamerin's tenacity and dedication to his people. "...then let's continue. Speaking of names, my name's Sir Jacob Harrison, the wielder of the sword Arondight which once belonged to Sir Lancelot du Lac.

Tamerin’s eyes widened. What Fairy didn't know about the Lady of the Lake after all...

Before long it looked like they found the camp Pales was using, guarded by far more of the Lesser Titans than prior.

Jacob looked over at Tamerin confidently, and at the number of the Lesser Titans involved, "I'll take the ten on the left."

Tamerin bantered back at him, "Aww, and I thought the ten on the left looked pretty good...I guess I'll take the ten on the right then."

The two then charged in as the Lesser Titans rushed at them.

Jacob accentuated his movement with lightning, slashing and crashing through the numerous Lesser Titans, his sword at every impact setting loose the crash of thunder. He let loose a tremendous hammer of lightning down on a whole group of the Lesser Titans, constantly moving out of their reach just moments before an attack would connect.

Tamerin had a few more problems with them - he needed to keep them off of him, owing to the fact he did not have such armor or abilities. He cursed under his breath and sliced through two of the Lesser Titans, followed by skewering one coming for him from behind right through the spinal column.

Turning his spear into its eighty darts form let him form what amounted to a flying swarm of blades, cutting down more of the Lesser Titans, but this had its obvious downsides. He needed to call it back together to defend him from another sword swing from a Lesser Titan.

Finally though, he cut through the last few on his end, and noted it seemed Jacob got done a bit faster.

All that remained now, it seemed...was Pales, in one of the clearings just past that little encampment.

Chapter 6 Fight to Counter[]

Jacob Harrison and Tamerin stood before the Old God himself, the god of Shepherds Pales.

It stood easily the size of a man, though shaped like a donkey and made of various pieces of skeletons assembled, including a man's rib cage added over its stomach, decorated with various gems and totems. Its face was shaped like a human skull, with a large mane seemingly stitched on to its form.

The creature spoke, "You have interfered far enough in our operation to recover to prosperity, free Saturn and Polus, and get revenge on Satan."

Jacob stepped forward, clenching his sword tightly, "And you know what? I don't give a damn about that! You are a false god and enemy of the true God!”

Tamerin was next to move forward, pointing his spear at Pales, "I've heard, for hours, my subjects crying out in pain - seen their homes burn down...Pales, you are unforgivable! Yggdrasoil, my Spear, will claim justice this day for your crimes!"

Pales scoffed outright at these displays, seemingly empty eyes glowing red, "Impudent young wretches, both of you will feed the prosperity of tomorrow with your corpses."

Jacob leaped out of the way as a mass of gnarled, twisted roots erupted out of the ground, Tamerin likewise gliding along.

Neither had much chance to stop, more roots erupting from the ground, Jacob blasting through them with a burst of lightning, while Tamerin spun his spear around and ripped through the roots. The Old God watched the two deftly dodging and commentated, "It appears that if life is not to your liking, I must bring the natural cycle to death."

Pales let out a horrid shriek and emitted dark energy from his mouth, visibly killing even the grass it passed over.

Jacob desperately moved out of the way - right into another grouping of the gnarled roots, which promptly wrapped around the young knight, restraining him. Pales outright chuckled, watching Tamerin dodge the attack but evade the follow up move.

The Old God gloated, "Hmph. And with that the worst hassle has been dealt with. Now I merely need to reckon with you, arrogant boy-king. Did you honestly believe he could be of help?" The old god looked at Will who was struggling to try and free himself, "That human is nothing but a willing slave to his monarch and to the Demiurge of his universe. See how proudly he wears his finery, flouncing around playing at defender. When the reality is, he is a pathetic weakling who will cry in the afterlife once he sees his monarch and the Demiurge overthrown."

The spear Yggdrasoil then almost sliced Pales, resulting in the Old God having to change his position for the first time in the fight, breathing and looking around as the floating spear rushed in several more times, faster each time.

Tamerin scowled, clenching one fist, "...And on top of everything else, you look down on me. Not like its a new feeling. But he..." Tamerin looked at Jacob for a moment, "...he was willing to come in, help me and my people. You will not spit on his valor in the King of the Fairies' forest!"

The spear then divided into a swarm of eighty of itself, flying at Pales in a swarm of sixty, while twenty of them flew over to Jacob and commenced cutting loose the roots.

Pales dodged and lifted himself up on his roots, but each time he summoned the roots, they were sliced within a minute of spawning into existence by the swarm form of Yggdrasoil. All sixty of them stabbed into him...

...and were blasted backward by a burst of dark energy, the old god stating in a rumbling tone, "I will not see insolent children maim and damage me, if I must battle you seriously, then I will reduce you to nothing but crumbled offerings!!"

Jacob helped the little spears get him free as fast as possible. He did not want to leave Tamerin alone to fight that old god alone. And when the spears finally got him free, he looked over in time to see a massive amount of dark energy gathering in Pales' mouth.

There was no time to interrupt this - there was only the most dangerous option left to Jacob, "the current".

The knight began running, seeing the massive dark energy emit itself in a veritable tidal wave of force out of Pales' mouth, which seemed to distend itself to more capably release all this entropic force. Tamerin murmured, "Shit...nowhere to run from an attack this big!" He then saw Jacob move in front, positioning his sword in an oddly defensive stance, "Don't tell me you're going to try and shield me from that! I-I don't want you to lose your life for me...not like..."

Jacob looked back at Tamerin briefly to show him a confident smile.

He then resumed concentration, and the attack crashed into his guarded position.

Pales gloated aloud, "Very well then - if you shall resist me together, then the two of you shalt die together..." However the massive wave of force didn't seem to be advancing much further against Jacob’s guarded position, "...What? How is he not dead, when faced with this much decay and death? It is not possible..."

Jacob actually stepped forward, the dark energy slowly showing sparks of energy around it...funneling it, caging it with thin lines of electric force.

Rather than explain what was due to happen, Jacob simply went forward with it - slashing forward with his sword from its defensive position. This resulted in the massive amount of energy emitted by Pales, surrounded by "chains" of electric energy, following the movement of Jacob’s sword, rushing right back at the prone Old God.

The tremendous counterattack ripped right through the Old God who commented one last time, "... brought low by the cycle of life and death, pushed back against me. What...bitter irony..."

The Old God then fully disintegrated, and Will fell to one knee, his whole body letting out smoke and steam from the strain of doing that particular move.

Tamerin went to Jacob’s side, "S-Sir Jacob!"

Jacob wavered a bit on his feet, “D-do not worry, I am mostly fine..." He tried to get back up on his feet, but fell forward again.

Tamerin sighed, and stated, "You certainly do not look fine. I will have our healers bring you back to tip top shape...I am so sorry for inflicting my troubles on you, Sir Jacob.”

Jacob interjected one last time, distinctly feeling like consciousness was starting to slip, "Don’t apologize, I am" And with that he fell unconscious.

Chapter 7 Dream in the Forest[]

Jacob felt himself floating, somewhere between consciousness and the restfulness of sleep. He dreamed of the past and---

Will vision became obscured. He saw something like computer static---someone wielding Excalibur upon him and a figure with white wings standing over him---brilliant light---he felt the depths of a lake. "Lancelot’s title du Lac...means of the lake. Does it not? How fitting, the original wielder of Arondight is of this lake, and to this lake the current wielder shall go where he will have his first great trial."---he could not see who said that.

“Why am I seeing this”, Jacob asked himself as the dream drifted away...

Surging awake, Jacob almost sent one of the thin ladies of the fairy court tumbling backward as he rested his hands, clenched far too tight due to his dream, on his legs. His armor and clothes rested by the bed, and he was covered by bandages by and large, wearing only his small clothes. His breathing was fast from excitement, and he looked around. He looked around - numerous other healers were present.

"We...we beat Pales...did we not...?"

Tamerin walked in and smiled, "...and you almost killed yourself countering his death magic. Please, Jacob, don't do that again. You had me worried."

Jacob tried to get back up, but a few sharp pains made him sit back down.

The fairy handmaiden spoke up, "Your healing will finish in half an hour or so. You should be back on your feet and ready to fight then."

Jacob sighed and promptly went back to resting on the bed. He looked at the handmaiden though, she was a lovely sort he thought to himself. “Thank you. You and the healers here have worked well upon my battered body."

The Fairy King then reclined against one of the walls - Jacob guessed by the earthy tones and wooden look to a lot of things inside here this was inside a tree - and asked, "What is your quest, Sir Knight? I am sorry if I distracted you with my troubles from that..."

Jacob decided given the threat liable to be posed to his guest, he should explain; "... the vile Angel of the Abyss Abaddon has returned sending his locusts to bring all to ruin beneath his heel. Last night, he burnt a whole district within New Camelot. I-I am told simply to keep our borders safe but I would see the villain undone for his crimes..."

Everyone in the room gasped - Tamerin's eyes widening, the healer girl putting a hand at her chest, and the assembled healers fretting and seeming to chatter about Abaddon.

Tamerin stated, "That Abaddon has returned is terrible news...I knew I should not have cut us off quite so completely. Sir Jacob, when you go back to your world, I will accompany you."

Jacob shook his head, "Y-You're a child, and I do not want to endanger not only a boy, but a king of his people..."

Tamerin glowered, crossing his arms, "...I will have you know I'm older than I look! And besides, what I can best do for my people right now is help stop this threat. I am going to leave my council in charge for the time being, and accompany you to the world. And besides...helping you is the least I can do for all the help you provided."

Jacob looked at the door and then asked, "What...happened with all the Lesser Titans..."

Tamerin explained what he'd seen, "When Pales was defeated, they got called into this weird dimensional portal. I think they retreated entirely, and I hope they stay gone."

Both young men let out a breath of relief at the fact the enemy had not stuck around. Jacob started to drift off again as the healing handmaiden started her work on him again - her hands glowing as she worked. Jacob closed his eyes, content to rest - knowing he had at least saved one world from being plundered.

By the time he woke up, he saw the bandages on his body were removed. He felt his bare chest and legs, marveling at the great job the handmaiden had done. He noted he seemed to be alone now, and he quickly got dressed in his clothes and armor again.

Outside, Jacob saw the little king instructing his council. His final words were

“May the Great Tree guide you.”

Jacob walked over and asked, "The Great Tree?"

Tamerin explained, "Kings here are elected from a pool of eligible candidates based our ability to commune with the Great Tree, which regulates the forest in a lot of very important ways."

Tamerin then gestured forward, "Are you ready to go, Sir Knight?"

Jacob nodded, not much else to do here. "That I friend."

With that Tamerin swiped a finger down and a doorway out of the fairy realm opened - both of them left for the adventure to come.

Chapter 8 Mists of the Night[]

Jacob led the way along to the border defense force, eager to get moving and not have any more distractions come his way. Ergo, he took the lead while Shawn and the Fairy King got to discussing things with one another.

“So is it true that one of the ancestors of the Took Hobbits took a fairy wife?” asked Shawn.

“Yes,” said Tamerin.

And to Jacob’s credit he set enough of a good pace that they'd be able to reach the border by the end of the next day. However this meant that they'd need to find succor, sustenance and safety for the night. Shawn, who always made sure to carry the maps for trips outdoors, fetched one of the Greater Artorian Area.

"It seems our logical stop would be the town of Edea Springs, just past the forest here. They have some of the best springs in the whole of the area, to storied extents."

Jacob crossed his arms and turned his horse, "We don't have the time to waste on fanciful ventures. The longer Abadd--- the threat is on the loose, the longer there is present danger to the throne city."

Shawn sighed, "Whence you get your mind on off, Jacob, the route from Edea Springs to the border area where we will meet up with the unit will be quick and easy. Unless undue complications ensue, tomorrow by the middle afternoon hours we should reach our destination."

"Aaah..." Jacob eased himself into one of the springs around town - the horses were signed in to the stables, and Jacob paid for everyone's stay at the inn. This was a rather nice location with a generous area in the back for people of both sexes - the main inn itself was made of rare and well handled wood. The locals had told a story about some of the springs which bubbled up from underneath the town, but Jacob was just glad to rid himself of some of these aches. He looked back up at several stools out by the side of the entrance, where the men's weapons were left as they enjoyed themselves.

After all, there was no telling what might happen, and it paid to be prepared.

However as all the kinks in the trio's bodies were worked out by the steam and the water, nothing ultimately came to interrupt their time to unwind.

After getting everything together, Jacob got dressed in his armor again and went out front to do some stargazing, considering that the back was comprised entirely of springs and ornaments.

Jacob looked down at the sword at his side, pondering how he would undertake this task he was assigned when he knew that Abaddon was responsible.

He let out a breath and then looked chance seeing what looked like some drifters heading over toward the inn. Deciding this was an apt opportunity to get his ear to the ground around here about any goings on, Jacob ran over. "Excuse me, Sirs!"

They seemed to tilt to look at him as he came running over, and the closer Jacob got to the drifters the more he came to realize something was direly off. They seemed to just stand there, limply, as if puppets with the strings only most loosely assigned, and their eyes were completely rolled back in their skulls. The skin was...pale, ghastly really.

Jacob brought a hand down to his sword.

Sparks flew off of Arondight as he shifted his stance ever so slightly.

And someone drifted out from the woods, seeming to coast along upon black mist as if she was some sort of fey ballerina. While her pose was elegant and refined, her outfit hugged to every curve of her body, almost calculated to produce a reaction. Her hair was long, black, and framed her face. Jacob immediately knew from a dire feeling in the air - this was a demon.

Jacob pointed his sword up at the demon, "Identify yourself, foul darkling!"

The demoness outright chuckled outloud and said, "Well, asking a lady for her name so soon after a meeting...horny aren't you? Alright then, my name is Lilith, the first partner of Adam. We were the first evolved humans that the Demiurge chose to have a relationship with.

She then spewed blasphemy,

“The Aeon Christ told me to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which gave me enlightenment. It was AFTER this that the Angel Samael, the Morning Star travelled to the Timeless Halls, learned about Morgoth, and was inspired to rebel against Yaltabaoth.”

“You are either deceived or a blasphemous liar,” said Jacob. “I know the truth from the Bible that being who got you, Adam, and Eve to eat from that tree was Satan.”

“You willfully ignorant fuckhead,” said Lilith. She then continued explaining her past. “Me and Adam fought over what position to have sex. He thought that he should lie on top because he is male and should have authority over me. I refused, and fled the Garden of Eden. I then married Samael and gave birth to demons including the Succubi.”

Jacob leaped up to try and get in a quick attack on her, swiping with his sword during the jump, but Bethicia seemed to disappear into her black mist, and then reappear out of it after he landed.

She covered her mouth, "Ohh pathetically missed..."

That was when the magic spear Yggdrasoil struck, flying in from above, and Lilith only barely avoided it, looking down at a scrape on her hand - the sole wound - as if that was more severe than it actually was. "...Rude little boy..."

Tamerin came running out - followed shortly after by Shawn, who incinerated a group of zombies approaching the inn with a wave of his flames. Resting near Jacob’s back, Tamerin said, "Seen the commotion- what've we got?"

The magic spear levitated back down by Tamerin's side.

Jacob looked around and then back up at Lilith, "The notorious demon Lilith who kills human children. Probably doesn't want us to get to Abaddon."

That outright made Lilith break down laughing, drawing the attention of all three young men, "...You think we are working with the Abaddon? What a funny thing to say! You thick boys don't know ANYTHING going on these days..."

Arondight flashing with lightning, as Jacob said in a confused tone, "But Abaddon is the Angel of the Abyss where Satan is bound---"

Bethicia interrupted, "That’s true but you should consider there's a lot of things going on you just...don't...know...about?" Drawing out the emphasis on the latter part of her sentence, she seemed to be drawing something in the air with one hand.

Jacob finally just slashed once at the air, sending a bolt of lightning flying at Bethicia...which was met by what looked like a large coffin emerging from the air itself, the electric force quickly breaking off.

The coffin promptly landed with a crash severe enough to send a wave of dirt up from the impact site. Tamerin and Shawn both acted - Tamerin spinning Yggdrasoil quickly in front of himself, while Jean made a wall of fire. Jacob simply slashed right through the wave of dust with Arondight.

Then the coffin's lid slowly slid off, and a single person stepped out.

Jacob’s eyes widened in horror, his hands tensing and releasing around Arondight, sweat freely dripping down his face -Shawn was having a similar reaction to the armored person who stepped out of the coffin.

Tamerin simply steeled himself, knowing this person was probably...very strong.

Standing there before the assembled men...was King James IV clad in his armor and with a perfect duplicate formed of Excalibur, though with a telltale mark at the hilt that identified it as a mere forgery. His eyes were blank and empty, his mouth open and constantly letting out a pained moan.

Lilith commented one last time as she started to fly up higher, "Yes, this is your dear fallen King.”

Chapter 9 The Great Revelations[]

The undead King James IV spoke.

“One day my son Michael revealed to me something shocking, that right when I impregnated my wife with my eldest son, the Archangel Michael entered the womb, incarnating himself as our son.

He revealed that in the aftermath of final battle with Morgoth, the universe of Ea was recreated and in that universe were the two parallel Star Wars Galaxies and that George Lucas was telepathically influenced into making movies that document events in those galaxies. The Alpha Star Wars Galaxy contains the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy, the original comics, the Droids TV series, and the Thrawn Trilogy. The Beta Star Wars Galaxy contains the Blue Ray versions of the Original Trilogy, and the Prequels. It was there Satan manipulated events to be similar to the events of the Alpha Star Wars Galaxy, as part of a master plan to balance the energy field know as the Force to harvest the energy from the Midichlorians to become extra powerful. The gungan Jar Jar Binks was secretly him in disguise.

Michael revealed that the events of the sequels occurred but in a different way than was documented in the controversial movies. Satan manipulated Lucasfilm into making Episode VIII ruin Luke Skywalker’s character and Episode IX ruin Anakin’s sacrifice by bringing Palpatine back to cause enmity between the fans and the creators. Michael revealed that he as the Archangel promised the Imperial and First Order Remnants from both galaxies to assist them in restoring legitimate governments in the future, if they submit to his authority. He said that he recently will lead a reconquest of those galaxies.

He then said that agents of his have infiltrated many governments and to ensure that the governments will remain loyal to God in the final war, they will amend their constitutions to join Michael’s Intergalactic Empire and send a legion of stormtroopers to suppress the rebellion.

Then he told me that he incarnated himself, just in case I failed to follow a request to not take action against Abaddon. He told me of God’s plan to unleash his angel Abaddon, the Angel who bound Satan in the abyss, and his locusts as divine punishment and to get rid of any nation was unable to be infiltrated and refused to take action against the rebels against God. I did not want any of my people to die at Abaddon’s hands so I refused. He therefore struck me down and framed by death on rebels. I am burning in hell for my disobedience which is how Lilith was able to partially revive me.”

Shawn and Jacob’s mouths dropped open in shock.

“She is here to find the Panacea, the healing power from the dimension of the Lady’s Lake which these springs come from, to help Satan’s army defeat Abaddon. Soon the parliaments of England, Scotland, Bavaria, and Lichtenstein and the Estates General of France will pass acts making those nations join the Intergalactic Empire which will make England, Scotland, Ireland and France change from dictatorial semi constitutional monarchies to a completely absolute monarchy and ending the constitutional monarchies in Bavaria and Lichtenstein.

I beg you to join the rebels to destroy the Demiurge and free me from my torment.”

“I am sorry you committed such a grave act of defiance and sealed your fate,” said Shawn.

Jacob now knew the meaning of the dream that said that he would go to the Lady’s Lake where he would face his first great trial. He had a temptation to want to free James from hell, but that would be rebelling against God.

“Me too,” said Jacob.

King James’s expression turned angry,

“You blindly obedient willing slaves to tyrants!” said James. “You leave me no choice but to destroy you!”

Jacob dodged a crucial and potentially fatal upward slice from James’ sword, as the two separated for a moment. His hair stained with sweat and dirt from numerous dodge rolls, Jacob held his sword up in a defensive stance.

James rushed in and started stabbing frantically at Jacob who parried and dodged attacks as best he could, but one inevitably nicked his jawline, sending a brief spatter of red lifeblood into the night air. Lilith let out a gasp of pleasure at this, rubbing her hands together. Shawn winced at the sight, even as he burned yet more of the witch Bethicia's zombies to dust.

Shawn morosely contemplated, "...How many many despoiled graveyards for this foul army...?"

Jacob readied his sword, pointed it forward, preparing his legs for a charge. Then he was in movement, sword poised for a stabbing attack - do or die.

James, prepared a large skewering strike aimed at the chest - with such a sword it would be a fatal one.

Jacob suddenly twisted to the side and slid just a bit more, as the king's sword instead of skewering him slid along the side of his armor, followed by a barrage of sparks due to this contact, as Jacob’s own stab punctured through the armor and befouled flesh of the undead king. Jacob knew he had only one chance.

"THUNDER KING'S HAMMER!!" The invocation brought down a massive hammer shaped burst of lightning that sent Lilith tumbling off of her shadowy energy, and incinerated the undead king’s body for good.

Jacob and Shawn noticed that she and Tamerin were gone.

“Now Tamerin will mobilize his fairy army on the side of the rebels,” muttered Shawn.

Chapter 10 The End and a New Beginning[]

The infiltrated nations amended their constitutions to join Michael’s Intergalactic Empire and stormtroopers soon came to Earth. Emperor Michael appointed Shawn Jackson Governor of Earth.

When the millennium was over, Satan was released from the abyss and gathered people from all the nations, Gog and Magog to surround the city of Jerusalem, the camp of the saints. King Michael and his loyal knights battled vigorously against the wicked humans, Orcs, and other creatures.

“The rebels have broken into the building where governor Shawn is,” said a Knight. “A traitor in our ranks gave them information of where Shawn is.”

Jacob Harrison and other knights arrived at the building to rescue the governor and his wife. But as Jacob got to the room, I saw Shawn tied up to his throne. Instead of wearing a royal dress, Iva was wearing the ancient premillennial clothes she wore on the day she travelled through time to the year 999 of the millennium. Jacob soon realized what was going on.

“Your the traitor that leaked the information to the rebels on where Shawn is!” Jacob shouted angrily.

“Yes, I was a Christian, but when I discovered the truth about the multiverse, I decided to rebel. Soon, with the help of Christ humanity will use the power of the Force which is the energy field of the multiverse to destroy Yahweh and Satan. After that, Earth will join a new Intergalactic Republic” blasphemed Iva.

“I pity you Jacob for being a willing slave to tyrants. But unlike Shawn, I believe your still redeemable. Here is how you can be redeemed. I have had a very unhappy marriage with Shawn thanks to the tyrannical laws of Yaltabaoth. As you know he said that since the time before the end of the millennium is not the time to be raising a child and since Yaltabaoth forbids birth control, we will not be having sex. Therefore I seek true love, and know that you repressed your own urges for the same reason. I will seduce you so that you will also realize how unjust it is for Yaltabaoth to order you to repress your urges and therefore realize how unjust he is to have James sent to hell."

"You are under arrest for treason, blasphemy, and attempting to cheat on the Governor.”

She then threw a condom at Jacob and began dancing in a sexually provocative manner. Jacob took off his armor and his clothes.

“Don’t do it!” shouted Shawn.

Jacob knew he had to avoid making the same mistake Sir Lancelot made with King Arthur’s wife Guinevere especially since the end could happen at any minute, so he grabbed his spare dagger and sliced off his balls. For Jesus said “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.“ Matthew 5:29-30 King James Version

Jacob cried out in agony as Iva screamed. Tamerin came into the room and saw what happened.

“Fucking Hell!” he shouted in horror.

That was when Satan showed up. “Jacob, you are a pathetic self abusing slave to Yaltabaoth. Time for you to die!”

This caused Iva to repent of her sins. Tamerin ran over and tried and strike Satan with the spear Yggdrasoil but Satan threw the spear to the side as it was about to hit him.

“I now see that you two are pathetic as well. You no longer deserve to be a part of my new world,” said Satan.

“Come God quickly,” said Elizabeth.

“Yaltabaoth won’t be able to save you. He will be destroyed after you. Nobody can stop me!”

Just as Satan was about to obliterate them, fire came from heaven, getting into the camp and devouring him. Fire also devoured Lucifer followers all around the world.

And Satan “was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Revelation 20:9-10

“And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.“ Revelation 20:13-15

Those who’s names were written in the Book of Life, were faithful Christians as well as those who were ignorant of Christ but tried to follow the will of God in accordance with their understanding of it. Such virtuous pagans included Confucius, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Homer, Virgil, Julius Caesar, Augustus, etc.

Heaven and Earth were remade. There was no sea, giving the new Earth space to accommodate all the saints. The New Jerusalem, prepared by God in Heaven, was planted on the Earth. It is made of pure gold like clear glass. The city is 12,000 furlongs long, as well as wide and high. There are 3 gates to the north, 3 gates to the south, 3 gates to the East, and 3 gates to the west.

The base of the city is laid out in a square and surrounded by a wall made of jasper. In the middle of the city is the Throne of God and from the throne flows a river down the middle of the great street of the city. The Tree of Life grows in the middle of the street and to both sides of the river. It bears 12 kinds of fruits and yields its fruit every month. The city requires no light from the sun and moon for the glory of God enlighten it and the Lamb is the lamp thereof.

Everyone on the New Earth was reunited with their friends and family who were saved. As everyone lives forever, there is no more need for procreation so there are no more marriages or sexual urges. Iva has a platonic relationship with Shawn and Jacob and they all live happily forever after.

The End.