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Sid the Hero(シド・ザ・ヒーロー Shido_za_Hiiroo) is a fan-made character who was created by Heroic412229. He first appeared in Sonic Overload as a secondary protagonist. He is a former human, now hybrid character with the ability of Ergokinesis, an ability to manipulate energy in a concentrated manner. His parents were killed by Ominous so he decided to join Sonic and his friends in putting a stop to Ominous once and for all.

Sid is at times immature, short tempered, and optimistic but can be serious and determined when he needs. He has a very ambivalent point of view and can see things in a subjective standpoint, however. Nevertheless, he is very altruistic, and willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace to others, including his family and friends.

Concept and Creation[]

Before Heroic412229's was creating Sonic Overload, he wanted a new character to the wiki that would fit into the Sonic community without feeling too out of place. After thinking of what character to add, he decided to go with a character that he made from his childhood and try to make it look like it belongs in the Sonic universe and make it unique and relatable at the same time. This is where Sid came into play.

When adding Sid and his features into the wiki for the first time, the character became very panned prior to the changes that he received now. He was too overpowered, had a weird and unoriginal personality and appearance, and he felt too out of place to be put in a Sonic game, this was due to Heroic412229's previous inexperience in the wiki and in character design principles. After realization of this, Heroic412229 decided to start mostly all over with Sid's design (except for his appearance), and put Sid on hiatus until he could come up with a more natural design for him.

When Sonic Overload was being created, Sid was added in as a new character that would fit the game's tone without being too out of place again, though he still was in need of a redesign at the time. With the help of some friends and so, Heroic412229 was finally able to give Sid the new and beneficial design he needed.

Sid's personality was influenced by his color scheme; which gave him a silly and serious archetype. He was also meant to age both physically and mentally, the more games and other entries he appeared in.


Sid is a brown humanoid-like being with 2 long black skinny antennae drooping back from the back of his head, 4 small black thin spikes sticking out around each antenna, large pink butterfly wings on his back that lack no facial accessories of any kind, a brown furry squirrel tail that holds up, large white cartoon-like expressive eyes with black pupils that lack eyebrows, eyelashes and irises, lacks a nose and ears, has a cartoon-like expressive mouth and has short black or dark brown hair.


He wears a pair of gray shorts, two lightweight, hyper friction resistant green and black shoes with a white strap, and cuffs, a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs with golden rings on them on his hands. He sometimes wears blue sunglasses above his eyes.


Despite being very shy and having poor social skills during his youth, Sid is usually described as a teenager who’s still a little kid at both heart and mind, he is normally optimistic, curious, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous with a happy-go-lucky attitude to boot. He loves to have fun and see the bright side of things, due to personally thinking that not every situation turns out for the worse and that things will get better if you think and act positively. He also loves excitement and adventure and hates boredom, wanting to make his life more extraordinary than it is now. He’s always ready to put a smile on everyone’s face and make new friends, so much that he can get saddened when someone doesn’t want to be his friend. He’s also able to motivate and inspire others with his constant optimism, giving him a great ability to gain allies and make friends.

Due to his sheltered upbringing, Sid’s optimism and enthusiasm can lead to him being reckless, impulsive, and immature, usually to the point of accidentally endangering others around him with his childish behavior. He’s also prone to throwing whatever he has at his hands, which can cause him to inadvertently leave others behind, even those who need him. While he doesn’t go outright ballistic, he does get a bit short-tempered when his buttons are pushed or when others are being hurt. He also has a strange love for most foods, except eggs and broccoli, and can be easily distracted when food is involved in any way. All these traits make him look obnoxious, annoying, and hard to deal with at times.

Despite his immature and reckless behavior, Sid does have his more mature and serious moments. He’s willing to take things seriously when it’s called for and is capable of thinking outside the box. He can be down-to-earth, determined and even hard-working when given a particular task. In spite of what people may think of him, he’s not slow-witted and is shown to be very intelligent, he just usually has trouble with emotional maturity and needs to get his head out of the clouds.

In addition to his optimism, Sid is very altruistic, compassionate, caring, warm, and honest with a strong sense of justice and love for others. He’s genuinely willing to help others when needed and can be a real sweetheart who sees others based on a more moralistic sense. He’s also usually courageous against most things, except for realistic bugs, insects, arachnids, the dark (formerly), and making life bad for others, and is willing to sacrifice himself for others with little regard for his own safety, even if it becomes unhealthy or unwise. The reasons why he’s a big fan of Sonic is because of his kind heart, willingness to help others, and similar love for adventure.

After learning about how negatively his behavior was affecting others and the truth about reality, Sid becomes more self-conscious, self-hating, and hard-on-himself for unintentionally hurting others and strives to outgrow his immaturity. While he still retains his bright and friendly personality, he does slowly grow to become more mature, responsible, focused, grounded, and empathetic out of determination to not make the same, if not worse, mistakes that he made when he was younger for those he cares about. He even sheds his adventurous attitude and dislike of boredom in favor of a more modern and down-to-earth, yet still interesting balance.

At first, he was a bit misguided on the concept of true maturity, thinking of it as something that needs to be taught at whim and acts like a stereotypical version of a mature person using a book that teaches him how to be more mature. But after a few shenanigans that got him in trouble and a pep talk from Clover and the others, he finally learns that being mature is not that simple and he shouldn’t try to grow up too fast.

While he does retain his newfound maturity, he does gain new flaws that still hinder his drive to grow up for others. He becomes overly single-minded and self-destructive when trying to fix a mistake that he caused out of self-hatred, to the point of getting in over his head. He can also become a bit sarcastic and snarky at times when annoyed and inflexible when stressed. Despite this, he does figure out that he has a lot to learn about growing up and being a better person.

Sid is shown to have a great taste in both music and art, especially rock, ballad, and drawing. He got the latter from his father, who used to do a lot of drawing as a hobby when he was Sid’s age. Sid even wanted to become an art teacher before becoming invested in Sonic the Hedgehog during his pre-teen years.

Despite his immaturity, Sid personally doesn’t like to jump to conclusions or not hear others’ motives and sides of the story due to thinking that it can only lead to havoc and trouble. He also feels extreme guilt and self-reproach over his dead parents and becomes nervous and anxious of what might happen if they found out about his new transformation, powers, and adventures, possibly even viewing him as a freak and disgrace.

Despite usually being extroverted and wanting to make new friends, he doesn’t mind being by himself, either in his room or somewhere else. While it can be a bit lonely and even depressing, he still finds new ways to pass the time and have fun, like drawing, doing monologues, and playing video games.

However, underneath that optimistic and happy-go-lucky mask lies a person with a lot of personal and emotional baggage due to both current and past trauma, fears, and guilt. Sid, before his development, had a fear of change and growing up due to not wanting to lose the ones he cares about overtime. After his development, though, he started to put more responsibility and trauma towards himself than he should due to not wanting to be selfish again and not wanting to bother others with his own problems, even if it genuinely hurts him to the point of being self-destructive and extremely damaging. He also develops grief (mostly denial), self-hatred, and emotional pain as he feels indirectly responsible for not only his parents’ deaths, but his past treatment towards others as well. In addition, he’s been through a lot of life-threatening adventures that secretly causes him to gain PTSD. The reason why he still hides this is due to not wanting to appear negligent and inconsiderate towards others’ problems again. Despite that, he still loves to help others out of genuine care.

In a future episode, Clover’s Big Move, Sid has been shown to have trouble letting things go and not being able to see those that he’s been close with for a long time again. This inadvertently causes him to be a bit clingy and possessive, until realizing how much he’s hurting Clover and after being properly called out and given an emotionally powerful pep talk by Alex of all people. He now learns that nothing lasts forever and he needs to learn to accept and support her move like the friend/partner he’s supposed to be. After giving her a heartfelt apology and a hand-made goodbye card as a gift of remembrance, he tearfully watches as one of his two best friends and his love interest drives off.


​Early Life[]

Sid was once a normal human who was born on November 11, 2006 in Station Square of the United Federation. Before their deaths, His mother Laurel worked as a part-time waitress at the Easy Eats’ Diner while his father Stephen was a freelance artist.

Due to the many dangers in various parts of Station Square and the rest of the world, they wanted to keep their child safe and happy out of love, to the point of becoming overprotective and giving him a relatively sheltered and isolated life where the only other places he could go to are school, the doctor, a few restaurants, and visits to close relatives like his grandparents. All in the same city.

However, his social skills were stunted, making him too dependent on them and others when he had to leave them and having a fear of being rejected. He also had trouble making friends because of this upbringing.

Meeting Alex[]

During his first-grade years, he was a bit of a target for bullying due to his own insecurities that they preyed on. Luckily, he was defended by another kid named Alex, who sort of told them off in a tough manner. Before he could thank him, Alex simply walked away, wanting nothing to do with him, much to his disappointment.

However, he noticed that the boy dropped his pencil from his pocket before he walked off. After meeting him again during a school assignment, he gave him back his pencil that he was missing. This genuine act of kindness opened Alex up a little as he gave him a smile, to which Sid smiled back, even though he was afraid that Alex would get mad. This was the first time he could genuinely bond with someone around his age. Despite still lacking social skills, he felt a warm sensation in his chest that he’d never felt before.

During the summer, his family was driving for a visit to the doctor’s office when the engine broke down for some reason. While Stephen was going out to check and see what was wrong, Sid soon spotted the boy that saved him from the bullies and smiled after he gave him his pencil. Alex spotted him back. Sid thought that he would be uncomfortable with him staring at him, but he then got a thumbs up by the boy, much to his surprise. He gave a thumbs up back, cementing the start of a genuine friendship between the two.

Meeting Clover[]

In second grade of age 8, Sid was busy doing his assignment when he spotted a young girl who was being picked on by sexist bullies, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Seeing this as a great opportunity to make another friend after remembering what Alex did for him, he did the same thing for that girl. After standing up for her and calling out the bullies for their comments towards her, they sort of backed off.

He asked if she wanted to be friends with him, but was turned down due to her wanting some time to herself, leaving him saddened. During snack time, he sat by himself when he realized his parents gave him broccoli in his lunch box, one of the only foods he wouldn’t eat due to its taste. That was until someone else decided to sit with him and tell him to add cheese on it to make it better. That someone else was the girl he helped.

It kinda worked, despite still not tasting great. After thanking her, she returned the favor and thanked him back. After asking for each other’s names, they began to bond together, giving Sid another friend that he made by himself. This gave him another warm feeling inside.

The Birth of the Dynamic Trio[]

During another summer, Sid and Clover were seen playing together when they were both spotted by Alex. He decided to have the two greet each other, but Alex was very distant and untrusting of her. This made both of them confused and her feelings hurt. He tried to ask why, but he wouldn’t answer.

He guessed that Alex must’ve been jealous of her. Not wanting either friend to feel left out like he was, he decided to create a bond for both of them. He tried showing Alex’s interests like films and action to her, but she wasn’t interested, making his distrust for her a bit stronger. Then he tried showing him her interests like soccer and reading to him, but he wasn’t interested either, making her feelings a bit more hurt.

Sid tried to get Alex to reason with Clover, but he had a hard time sharing his feelings. After seeing Clover cry from having her feelings hurt, Sid tried to comfort her. That was until both she and Sid called him out about his behavior when they both were bullied, making Alex’s conscience grow until he reluctantly admitted that he was bullied, too, and apologized for his horrible behavior towards her and Sid.

Both Sid and Clover understood, seeing as they all have something in common. Despite not fully forgiving Alex, it does start an even bigger bond between Sid and the others, thus forming the dynamic trio they are today.

Rana's Birth[]

After 9 years of age, his mother gave birth to a baby girl named Rana, whom he saw as a miracle. He was so excited to play with her and be friends with her the same way he became friends with Clover and Alex.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the case. As Sid decided to play with her, he would accidentally cause her to wake up and cry, getting him in trouble with his parents. He would try to make it up to her by apologizing, but she would constantly cry every time he tried.

Now thinking that she doesn’t love him nor want to be near him, he became heartbroken. After giving back one of her toys to her and apologizing, he decided to leave her alone forever. That was until Laurel had a hard time getting her to stop crying and asked Sid if he could at least try to calm her down.

Once he found her favorite toy frog and gave it to her, she stopped crying and coddled it. He gave her back to Laurel, who thanked him. He still wanted to leave her alone, probably thinking she still doesn’t like him until she suddenly crawled over to him, sleeping into his arms as a possible thank you.

A shocked and pleasantly surprised Sid watched her sleep before giving a warm smile and another feeling inside.

Becoming a Sonic Fan[]

At age 10, Sid felt bored, but couldn’t articulate why. He had friends, toys, drawing tools, and a little sister to be with when needed, but he didn’t feel like that was enough for some reason. This caused him to have trouble paying attention to the point of acting impulsive and getting him in trouble, but he still doesn’t know why.

That was until he saw a blue streak pass by while his parents were driving to his grandparents’ house. That blue streak came from none other than Sonic the Hedgehog as he plowed down robots, helped others out, and dashed into the distance once he’s done, along with his friends. This fascinated Sid, who wanted to know more about Sonic out of curiosity, much to his parents’ dismay.

Sid talked to his two friends about Sonic while playing video games, something else they all share together, at Clover's House. They told him that he's a free-spirited and heroic hedgehog who loves adventure and helping others, which intrigued him.

After playing a few Sonic games with him, he started to see more about who Sonic is and what he could do. Very soon, his intrigue peaked and he began to find out why he was so bored. He's been sheltered and isolated from the outside world for most of his entire life and wants to be more like Sonic, someone who was free and always there to help others when needed, much to his family's dismay once they found out about this.

Hybrid Transformation[]

At the age of 13, he became a bit obsessed with wanting to be just like his new hero, Sonic, to the point where he starts monologuing by himself, much to his now 4-year-old sister's annoyance. Sure, he learned to be more optimistic, but he became immature and wanted to prove to his family that the outside world isn't as dangerous as they thought.

The next day, during his sixth-grade years, he and his class had witnessed an assault in Station Square from Eggman and his new brainwashed partner, Ominous.

The school started evacuating to the safe zone, but Sid spotted a Flicky with its foot stuck in the rubble. A glowing, white energy ball was heading straight toward the poor creature. Not wanting the creature to get hit by it, he quickly freed its foot, but got hit with the beam instead. Much to his surprise, he transformed into the hybrid he was today.

Joining Sonic and his Friends[]

Seeing his home in danger, Sid decided to go check and see if his family was okay. When he got there, he saw that his parents were killed and that his sister was crying because of that.

Angered, he wanted to know who did this. That turned out to be a brainwashed Ominous who reluctantly said that he was going to do the same to his other loved ones in 78 hours if he didn't defeat him in time.

In order to stop that from happening, he had to go by himself, inadvertently leaving his sister behind in order to keep her safe. While going, he realized that he had powers, including flight, but had difficulty controlling them due to never having them before.

That’s when he met his hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his friends. At first, they went off on the wrong foot due to his immature behavior, but proving that he can take things seriously when needed, they started to warm up to him while still being annoyed by him.

During the journey, Sid thought to himself about his actions and circumstances regarding his family and friends. So much so that he felt genuine guilt for leaving them behind, but also emotionally conflicted on trying to save the rest of them from the same demise that his parents fell into. He also developed internal grief over his and Rana’s loss of said parents and blames himself for his immaturity being an indirect cause of it.

Regardless, after saving the day with Sonic and his friends, he decided that he had enough adventure for one day and decided to go back to his more normal life after everything that’s happened, which Sonic agreed.

Moving in with his Grandparents[]

After the events of Sonic Overload, both Sid and Rana moved in with their grandparents, Sandra and Bob. Sandra worked as a brilliant and kind, yet haughty inventor while Bob worked as a sports coach who wanted to protect his family.

Unfortunately, after hearing their daughter and son-in-law’s fate, they all were stricken with grief and had a hard time coping. Rana, on the other hand, was angry at Sid for leaving her behind to find a safe place during the assault, which he didn’t blame her for.

After a few weeks, they still had a hard time dealing with their grief, but in different ways. Sid was in denial and guilt for his indirect and direct actions and loss. Rana was so depressed that she refused to come out of her new room. Sandra tried to bargain out of the situation by building something to bring them back to life, but her stress made it difficult. And Bob was angry at himself for not being there to save them.

Luckily, with the help of Clover and Alex, they were starting to cope with and accept their grief properly while still not completely over it.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Sid’s Big Movie Adventure[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Sid’s Big Finale[]



Sid's main ability is his Ergokinesis, the ability to harness and control energy in a concentrated manner. Though he is a bit inexperienced at first, due to having never used it before he became a hybrid, over time he does learn to hone and control his powers more naturally. He can harness and amplify the pure energy of other sources. He can also increase his and others' energy to heal or increase stamina and power. His ergokinesis can also create force fields to protect both himself and others from most harm, physical or otherwise. Sid can also use his ergokinesis to teleport over short distances and create energy blasts, beams, and constructs against enemies and obstacles, though it can deplete his energy if too much is used without proper training and exercise. Sid can use his ability to sense and detect odd energy sources nearby. He can also return or transfer his energy or the energy of others when needed.

While Sid's ergokinesis isn't perfect, even at its full potential, it can still be a very powerful force on its right. His ergokinesis can blast metal robots with ease, stun large creatures, and take on opponents that have similar, if not slightly larger, fighting skills than him.

Physical Abilities[]

Even though Sid has powerful ergokinesis, he still isn't as superhuman as most mobians, but still has above-average physical prowess that exceeds that of most normal humans.

Though not as fast as Sonic or Shadow at their maximum speed, Sid is a very quick runner with an above-average speed that surpasses his normal human form and can keep up with Sonic and the others.

Though not as strong as Knuckles, he still has the above-average physical strength that surpasses his normal human form and can be able to punch and lift things that most normal humans wouldn't be able to.

He is very agile and acrobatic, able to grind on rails, do incredible tricks on the ground and in mid-air, and evade obstacles with above-average reflexes, though not at the same level as most mobians. He is also able to jump several feet into the air from a standstill position.

With his wings, Sid is granted the ability to fly and hover through great heights and distances in the air by flapping his wings, though he can still lose stamina if he flies or hovers for too long. Both his tail and antennae are prehensile and can be manipulated with ease.

He has a large amount of durability, able to take extreme punishment from robots and creatures and gets right back up with a few bruises and scratches. Though his stamina is very limited, especially when using his ergokinesis, his physical endurance is still above that of a normal human.

Sid has above-average willpower and can withstand things that would be too much for most humans to handle. He is also very persistent and usually refuses to give up or surrender unless it's something he's extremely scared of, such a bug.

After his transformation into a hybrid, he can harness chaos energy to empower himself as well as his ergokinesis and perform more powerful energy-based attacks.

Combat Skills[]

In combat, Sid is a very powerful fighter with above-average hand-to-hand combat skills, with or without his ergokinesis; though not as much as Sonic and his friends without proper training. He can exchange punches, kicks and other blows with ease. He can fight on par with opponents that have the same or slightly greater experience in battle, especially when he's at his full potential.

Fighting Style[]

Sid's fighting style mostly relies on him using his ergokinesis to absorb nearby energy and use to create and shoot powerful energy blasts, beams, and constructs, such as pillars, for long-range attacks. He requires a lot of concentration and energy for his attacks. He can also use it to teleport in front of or behind his opponents to launch surprise attacks and give opponents limited room to counterattack.

Sid is still able to fight with his physical abilities when needed and even combine them with his ergokinesis as well as charge his ergokinesis to temporarily increase them for more powerful and devastating attacks, though he can lose stamina in the process. When he isn't using his ergokinesis for offensive use, it can also be used to heal or rejuvenate his allies and others as well as increase their stamina and power when needed, though, at the cost of his stamina. He can also create shields and force fields for defensive uses, though, also at the cost of his stamina.

When he's not using his ergokinesis, he usually resorts to hand-to-hand combat when needed, able to hold his own without draining a lot of his non-physical energy. Though, he still drains his regular energy in the process.

Moves and Techniques[]

Most of Sid's primary techniques and moves revolve around him using his ergokinesis to absorb and release nearby energy for both offensive and defensive purposes. His most common use is to absorb nearby energy and uses it to shoot energy blasts at his opponents, this technique is called Ergokinesis. His Ergoportation allows him to use his energy to teleport through short distances.

With Ergo-Punch, he can use his ergokinesis to charge up his fists for more powerful punches, though, like the rest of his ergokinesis-related moves, it does lower his stamina if too much of it is used. Sid can use Ergo-Beam to unleash a powerful energy beam from his hands. He can also unleash homing energy ball called Ergo-Missiles, as well as use his energy to shock or stun his opponents with Ergo-Shock, though, like the rest of his abilities involving ergokinesis, his stamina does decrease from using it. His most powerful attack is using most, if not all, of his energy to create a giant energy ball called Mega-Sphere, though its only downside is that he becomes so fatigue to the point of near-death, so he only uses it as a last resort.

When he needs more defensive or healing abilities, he can use Ergo-Block to create a shield or forcefield to protect both him and others from most attacks, though it can't protect him or others from anti-energy moves or other attacks. His Ergo-Heal lets him be able to heal both him and others when needed, while Ergo-Stats increases the stats of both himself and others. He can also transfer his energy to others using Ergo-Transfer.

Sid can use the Spin Attack when learning how to do it after he transformed into his hybrid form where he curls into a concussive ball while in locomotion to damage, mow down, or burrow through obstacles and foes. With the Spin Jump, he attacks his foes by landing on them. With the Spin Dash, he curls up and shoots forward at high speed to break through barriers and mow down enemies. With the Homing Attack, he can home in on an enemy to attack it.


  • Super Transformation- By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sid can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Sid. In this form, Sid can incredible speed, and strength beyond his normal form, though still slightly slower and weaker than a normal Super Form. He also gains the ability to fly without using his wings and near-invulnerability, though also not as much as a normal Super Form. His ergokinesis has also increased, giving him greater force and speed through his energy blasts. Like most super forms, Super Sid can still burn off a lot of energy and needs rings to sustain this form. He is also still weak against Anti-Energy users and Energy Immunity users, as well as not being able to perform as well due to inexperience.
  • Dark Super Transformation- The Super Transformation, but is manipulated by dark energy. In this form, he has the same abilities as his regular Super Form, except much more aggressive and brutal, as well as less powerful. His ergokinesis gains a darker aura and is increased slightly from his normal form.


Apart from his ergokinesis and above-average physical prowess, he also has great drawing skills, though they're not perfect and are nigh-incomplete like the rest of his abilities. He was taught them from his father, Stephen Franklin, who used to draw a lot as a hobby and was taught at an art class many years ago at his youth. He even wanted to be an art teacher before he became a huge fan of Sonic.


  • His ergokinesis can't be created from out of nowhere, it needs to be gathered from an already existing source nearby.
  • Sid has a major phobia of bugs and insects, except for characters like Charmy. When seeing a bug, he usually runs off and hides in panic.
  • His ergokinesis can be canceled out or erased by beings and sources of Anti-Energy Manipulation.
  • Sid can be very self-conscious and self-deprecating when he feels like he's done something wrong, immoral, or thoughtless to anybody. This self-consciousness gets even more severe when he feels guilt at the hands of his parents' death by Ominous, his temporary abandonment of his little sister, and many other things that happened in Sonic Overload.
  • Sid can at times be very immature and childish, usually when he's alone. This can cause him to inadvertently annoy others; though, over time, he has grown out of it and became more mature and empathetic.
  • Sid has a great love of food, especially pizza, and can sometimes get distracted when he spots it.
  • His ergokinesis doesn't work on Energy-Immunity users and sources.
  • Sid's ergokinesis requires a lot of focus when in use and can be negated by being distracted or caught off guard.
  • The amount of ergokinesis Sid can use is tied to the amount of strength and energy he has in his body overall. The more energy he has, the bigger and more powerful the amount of ergokinesis he can use. If he uses too much energy than he already has, he will become fatigued and will need other sources to regain it, such as food. At the same time, if he absorbs too much energy, he might overload his energy, which may result in major headaches unless he can release some of it from his body.
  • Due to him never having ergokinesis before he became a hybrid, he is very inexperienced and has trouble controlling his powers when needed, though he does get better over time through years of training and practice.
  • Sid can't absorb specific types of energy for varying reasons; for example, poison because it could make him or others sick or even die.
  • As powerful as his ergokinesis is, it's not able to blast through incredibly solid substances, such as pure diamond and titanium.
  • Objects or users without energy can't be absorbed.
  • He's not immune to his own energy and it can be reflected back at him. It can also be very easy to dodge by users of incredibly fast speed, reflexes, or both.
  • Despite his above-average prowess, he's still human and can get hurt or killed very easily by very powerful opponents or attacks. He can also be susceptible to mind control and illnesses like the Egg Virus.


Rana Franklin[]

Rana is Sid's little sister. While they both do annoy each other a lot, they do care for each other deeply and share a mutual love for others, as shown when Sid feels guilty for leaving her behind to go save the day with his hero alone, along with everything else he's done throughout the game and how she saved him from being corrupted by Ominous. Rana usually has more common-sense than her brother, despite not being able to understand things like "Plot-convenience" and "Sayonara", and just wants to see her older brother grow up like the rest of the family.

His Parents[]

Laurel and Stephen Franklin are the parents of both Sid and Rana. While very little is known about them before their death, they are depicted as kind and loving, yet strict parents who want to see their kids happy and safe, as well as wanting to see their son grow up like the rest of the family. They also tend to shelter their child in order to keep them from getting caught in Sonic and his friends' dangerous adventures for their safety, though this sheltered background inadvertently caused Sid to become bored and reckless of his normal and monotonous life and made him want to be more extraordinary despite their warnings.


Clover is Sid's love interest and one of his two best friends. She and Sid, along with Alex, do hang out with each other a lot. While she is usually the voice of reason and head for both her friends and her relationship with Sid, she does know when to have fun with them and does know when it's time to let loose when needed.

While Clover is normally more responsible and down-to-earth, Sid is usually more immature and optimistic, but due to their mutual kindness, they've developed a very close bond that slowly blossomed into a somewhat romantic interest that usually didn't get in the way of their friendship with either each other or others, including Alex.


Alex is Sid's best friend, next to Clover. Though they are polar opposites of each other, they still have some things in common and care for each other. Ever since Alex stood up for Sid against the bullies in the past and Sid helped him with his own problems at school, they've become really good friends. After Clover came along, they've now become a very inseparable trio.

While Sid is normally an optimistic teenager, Alex is usually a cynical adolescent. Despite that, Sid does see the good in him and is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when needed. Just like Clover, Alex appreciates Sid's optimism, though in a more subtle way, and is very loyal to both him and Clover.

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Sonic is Sid's former hero, temporary acquaintance, and friend. Sid was a big fan of Sonic at his preteen years due to Sonic's kind-heart and love for adventure that was similar to Sid's at the time. After meeting Sonic for the first time, Sonic did find him weird and annoying at first, but slowly took a liking to him and let him join the adventure to stop Eggman and Ominous from changing everything. After they succeeded, Sid decided to go home and quit adventuring because of guilt. Sonic allowed him to as an apology for underestimating him.

Dr. Eggman[]

Both Sid and Eggman were enemies during the first time Sid met him. He'd usually joke with Sonic about him but still takes him seriously as a threat.



  • Rana Franklin (Little Sister)
  • Laurel Franklin (Mother, deceased)
  • Stephen Frank (Father, deceased)
  • Sandra Franklin (Grandmother)
  • Bob Franklin (Grandfather)


  • Alex (Best friend)
  • Clover (Love interest, second best friend)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (former hero, temporary acquaintance, friend)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Cheese the Chao
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Team Chaotix
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy Bee
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Metal Sid (formerly)


  • Shadow the Hedgehog


  • Metal Sid


  • Ominous (Former arch-enemy)
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Orbot
  • Cubot
  • Metal Sonic
  • Metal Sid



  • Sid the Hero was the first fan character created by Heroic412229 and the one that was given the most development and caught the most attention, though it wasn't completely in the most positive light.
  • When he was first created, he got critically panned before his redesign.
  • His birthday is in November 21.
  • One of his deepest, darkest secrets is that he was once the culprit of a huge prank that almost got one of his friends in trouble at school and felt so guilty that he had to keep it a secret out of fear of losing his friend.
  • His other secret is that he had a physical illness called gingivitis that's very embarrassing to talk about.
  • He can't stand people who jump to conclusions without reasoning or evidence.
    • He also can't stand it when people cloud their judgement of others, that includes himself.
  • He has Entomophobia, or a fear of insects and bugs, which is purposely ironic considering his current hybrid component is a bug as well and he's not afraid of Charmy due to him being a cartoon, child bug, but he's aware of that.
    • He's also afraid of hurting or making others miserable, especially through negligence or carelessness.