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"What is there to say about The Lightbringer? He was the greatest of The Divine's sons, he was the grand general of his armies, whenever The Divine was not around he was the leader, he was the one who was willing to sacrifice his life to protect his father from The Devil, but that sacrifice cost him worse than his life, it cost him himself." ― The Dreamer to The Arbiter about The Lightbringer.

The Lightbringer (also known by other names, such as Lucifer, Man of Venus, Mr. X and The Shining Star) was once the favorite son of as well as the grand general of the armies of The Divine.

He is known for his contributions in the first two black masses, sacrificing himself to save his father and allow him to defeat The Devil in the first, and becoming the main antagonist of the second.

After the events of The Second Black Mass, The Lightbringer began to rule over a miniature realm which was a portion of Hell known as The X. He would truly take center stage in Holy Piercer: Unlimited, acting as its true endgame villain.

At some point in time, he would breed with the woman Lilith (although some, such as The Rune and The Dreamer, claim it was Eve) and sire Lufirion.


Lucifer was the beloved son of God, and Grand-General of Heaven. The mightiest of all the angels, he ruled as his father's greatest companion. But it would all change with the Black Mass.

The Devil would sacrifice numerous prehistoric homonids in event which will become known as the first Black Mass. With it The Devil and his legions grew powers and allowed them to brazenly tackle Heaven. He would slaughter many that day, much more than any of his previous tricks. Sometimes no amount of tricks and plays could outmatch sheer power.

Satan would crush God, Hell would decimate Heaven. Hope was lost as Satan's immense power surged, unstoppable yet wanting more.

And then came Lucifer, bringer of light.

Lucifer, the all-bright morning star. He swooped into battle, as God's body lied half-destroyed. He knew that even though his father was amortal, doom, a concept beyond death and destruction, was imminent for him if he does not intervene.

And so he swoops in, as The Noise stood mighty over The Word, Lucifer pushed Satan back with all he had. He wielded a sword, one apparently gotten from a deal with the Diadem Black himself. A weapon to be forged in the Cthon, a weapon of dust and sulfur, of fire and night. A sword that is plunged in the waters of space in order to cool, and is beaten with the hammer of time.

Z da sword.jpg

That sword is the Amortalsdoom, The Word of Lucifer, the black blade to act as a counterpart to the white sword known as The Word of God.

As Lucifer slashed his Word across the Devil's wing, the Devil groaned, suddenly he felt mortal. Lucifer would continually slash him with his mighty cosmos ending blade, but the Devil wasn't having it. He is so close to victory. With a single slash from his fiendish talons he would send Lucifer flying back, this slash would soon corrupt him, but it would allow God enough time to recover from his grave wounds and plunge the Word of God into Satan's chest. This wouldn't kill The Devil but it would destroy any hopes of victory.

With his victory robbed from him completely by the intervention, Satan retreats with his armies.

Then with the sword in his hand and corruption complete, he would be the one to bring forth the next Black Mass, and with it he attempted to destroy the plane of Earth. Soon the Divine and the Devil would work together and with an attempted sacrifice play from his brother Michael he was defeated, crashing into The X like a bolt of lightning.

Lucifer had fallen from grace, an enemy of reality itself he had receded into a mysterious realm known as The X. The X is a special zone, it is within Hell but in its own way it is not part of Hell, not many can survive inside of it and not many within can survive outside of it. Lucifer fell like lightning from the spacious cosmos between the planes, and crashed like a meteor into the heart of The X. There the inhabitants of The X would see a being unlike any other before them, they would nurse him back to health, and soon worship them as their god-king. Lucifer would rule The X, strengthening its inhabitants and preparing it for future plans. Lucifer would spend the centuries researching The X, it was odder than the planes themselves.

His plans would come to fruition by the time Holy Piercer: Unlimited finally takes place, bringing his forces through the barrier without them dying, and attacking the planes. Over time other entities would join him, like his old colleague Gabriel.

Lucifer's Legion

Notable members of Lucifer's growing army includes:

Himself, his son Lufirion, the fallen seraph Azrael, the scapegoat Azazel, Primus the prince of rage, Aegypticus the Devil-Pharaoh, Grendel, Archangel Gabriel, The Politician, Zantar the Annihilator, Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Czernobog, Kukulkan, Set, the reanimated corpse of Ravana, Bakunawa, Ulilang Kaluluwa, Siga the Kapre King (along with other Philippine spirits), the Queen of the Bunyips, the Loch Ness Monster, Hela, Archangel Jegudiel, Izanami, the monkey king Sun Wukong, some of the last cyclopes as well as some of the last hecatoncheires, elves and dwarves that were still loyal to Satan, the last of the rock trolls, Fenrir, Mazzikin, Melancholy.

To be expanded.


  • In Christian Mythology, Lucifer is an Archangel, the series version obviously contrasts for instead of acting as an Archangel he is instead a Seraphim, not only that, but the commander of the Seraphim and Grand General of Heaven's Army.
  • The Lightbringer is actually the grandfather of the twins Sylvester and Stacy Flash, apparently having lain with a witch during the war.
  • Contrary to popular belief, The Lightbringer and The Messiah are not enemies, and are actually on more than just speaking terms. The Lightbringer admires the Messiah for the Messiah's persistence and goodness, and The Messiah respects The Lightbringer, both as a ruler and as a person, and believes that the Lightbringer is also a candidate for salvation.