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Kirby: Planet Robobobot is a game created by Masahiro Sakurai (桜井 政博) and legendary Beisutsukai master Harry Potter (ハリー ポッター) for the Nintendo Ultron. A sequel to Kirby: The Transformers: The Movie, the previous Ultron title in the Kirby series, Planet Robobobot follows Kirby as he defends planet Pop Star from an alien corporation known as DeepMind that wishes to create an AGI so they can plunder the world's financial resources. New to the series in this game is Kirby's ability to use mathematics, something that will become a major fixture in later games and will replace all other gameplay.


Episode 1[]

A massive mothership spacecraft known as the Tritri appears above Pop Star and sets up a spatious, modern office with a coworking space, a media hub, beanbags, and a glass wall. King Dedede, upset that the good working conditions are making it more expensive for him to maintain his Waddle Dee workforce and that the influx of new programmer apartments is lowering the property value of his castle, petitions to ban the building of new houses. Kirby, an avowed YIMBY, is incensed by this anti-poor strategy and goes to King Dedede's house to beat him up, effortlessly slicing through reams of Waddle Dee guards until he reaches Dedede himself.

Episode 2[]

The next episode is planned to be released on August 2nd, 2018.