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"His chin on the earth and his snout piercing the sky, he would run and consume all in his path, all the way until he ate the all-father" ― Some Nordic monsters telling Lucifer about the might of Fenrir

Fenrir (also known as Fenris, Fenris Wolf and Vanagandr) is the Norse god of destruction and is the infamous wolf said to one day consume most of Nordic civilization and then Odin the All-Father himself before being killed by Odin's son Vidarr.

He is a member of Lucifer's Legion, something he initially refused but later was coerced into doing.


Fenrir is one of the three children of the trickster god Loki with the mother of monsters Angrboda. As a pup he was tied up but due to his sheer strength he kept breaking free. As a result a magic ribbon was made to contain him, and the god Tyr would sacrifice his hand along with a sword to keep Fenrir in place. Ironically the Aesir deciding to bind Fenrir as a pup is what would fulfill the prophecy that Fenrir would lead many Nordic monsters against Asgard and Midgard, as that act of binding would lead to Fenrir despising the Aesir.

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During the twilight of the gods, Fenrir would eat a chunk of Midgard, leading an army of monsters alongside him. He would then battle the all-father Odin, defeat him and then devour him. In his heavily injured and weakened state he would then be killed by Vidarr.

And then the cycle happens, all of this happening again and again, until one day the cycle was shattered and The Great Banishing happened. Fenrir however was whisked away oh so suddenly by a mysterious entity, later revealing itself to be the oldaeron Sareena, who wanted to place him as the guardian of Damnation itself.

Fenrir would later be found again, his destiny twisted and shattered, left alone to do nothing but act as the warden of damnation. One day the wolf would escape after hearing a loud explosion near the walls of Falseworld. Fenrir would bite a shred off of the fabric of reality itself and jump through it, landing in Holland the Netherlands. There he would be found by Thor, Fenrir would attempt to kill Thor but Thor would proceed to call a deal with Fenrir. Fenrir can spare him and be allowed to consume Odin during an imminent event (foreshadowing of Godbrawl) without any retaliation. Fenrir would refuse this deal, but luckily a jotunn seer accompanying Thor would convince the wolf otherwise.

The wolf would help Thor in pushing Hercules and Selene's forces away from the Northern European Borders, Odin was heavily untrusting of the wolf and Thor's plan, still believing it can get him killed. Fenrir is always put in the front of the charge by Odin, as a way to maximize the chances of either the enemy's formation breaking or the wolf simply dying and preventing his end. None of the Norse deities seemed to know that Ragnarok was no longer in play as their cycle was shattered.

Before Godbrawl, Fenrir would help Thor find his father, Loki. He would guide Thor to Sentinel Island, which was cloaked under a magical field.

Eventually in Godbrawl, Fenrir would be seen killing a hecatoncheires and then later be seen fighting Odin's possessed soul, this time the wolf would crush the god, effectively destroying the All-Father forever. Later Fenrir would also meet face to face with Vidarr, but Fenrir would be victorious, devouring Vidarr as well and "ending Ragnarok for good".

Hades would proceed to bring Fenrir back to Purgatory, since Fenrir's desire to end Odin was done. But still Fenrir felt empty, now more than ever since his destiny had been both met and defied. Fenrir would flee a second time from the gates of Damnation, deserting his post in trade for freedom. He would find himself in Tasmania and he would slumber there, undergoing god-sleep.

He would be accidentally awoken by the Queen of Bunyips, and the two would be met by Lucifer, who would ask them to join his growing army. The queen would ally herself after revealing her motives, but Fenrir would refuse, fleeing so that he may find solitude elsewhere. Lucifer was told by the hordes of Nordic monsters he'd recruited that Fenrir was essential, especially in leading them.

In New Zealand he would be found again by the Queen, and she would seduce him, promising him she will sire him pups in exchange for his assistance both in the legion and in her plan. The idea of fatherhood seemed new to Fenrir, and he would accept.


  • In actual Norse Mythology, there is no actual mention of Fenrir being the god of destruction, according to series creator MacBeth Cowly the idea came from a kids' website which taught about simplified Norse mythology, and referred to Fenrir as both a demon and a god of destruction, which stuck.
  • Fenrir's last name is Lokison, however another surname he is given (this one by Tyr) is Wodansbane, meaning bane of Wodan. Wodan is another name for Odin, meaning he is Odin's bane, referring to his destiny in Ragnarok.