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Emperor Michael of the House of Cooper is the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times Prophecy in a parallel universe. After the Reclamation War to restore the legitimate monarchies of Europe he became the rightful Holy Roman Emperor, Emperor of the United States of America, King of England, and King of France.

Early Career[]

Michael Cooper was first a CIA Officer who guarded a secret piece of alien technology from the Roswell UFO crash, an advanced simulation that contained simulated beings with artificial intelligence. This simulation contained The Star Wars Galaxies containing the Original Star Wars Galaxy with the original theatrical version of the original trilogy and the Beta Star Wars Galaxy containing the Blue Ray editions of the original trilogy and the Disney Canon. It also contained the Earth where the events of Indiana Jones occurred.

Michael Cooper helped restore the legitimate monarchies on the Earth that the events of Indiana Jones took place. Soon after, the beings of the Original Star Wars Galaxy discovered Earth. The Democratic governments on Earth joined the Galactic Republic which began intervening to stop the monarchies. The First Order remnant which was at peace with the Republic for thousands of years after the Sequel Trilogy, condemned the Republic action against the legitimate monarchies. They petitioned the Galactic Alliance Court which indicted the Republic government, authorizing the First Order to claim the territories of the Republic, including their territories on Earth, causing the Intergalactic War. The restored monarchies on Earth joined the First Order.

Michael promised the First Order remnant in the Original Star Wars Galaxy that he would help them win the war if they would make him their Emperor. Thus, Michael Cooper became Emperor of the First Order, ruling over the Original Star Wars Galaxy and the simulated Earth.

Reclamation War and legal gaining of thrones[]

In the parallel universe, Michael and an army of knights were given magic weapons to help restore legitimate monarchies in Europe. They first successfully took England which caused the English and later the world to realize that God was on their side, leading to a mass conversion to Catholicism. Back in 1400 when King Richard II was being forced to abdicate, he didn’t know who to resign the crown too, making the throne of England de jure vacant since his death. Therefore Michael restored parliament based on the legal system of the 14th century consisting of a lower chamber of Knights of the Shire and Burgesses, and an upper chamber of all the descendants of the titles of nobility during the reign of Richard II to elect a new monarch. The newly converted members of parliament enthusiastically elected Michael King of England, making England part of the First Order.

The French throne was also vacant, as the Treaty of Utrecht forbidden all descendants of Phillip V of Spain from the French throne and all the members of the male line of the House of Bourbon were descended from him. The Estates General therefore elected Michael King of France. As King of France, Michael was also the heir to the Byzantine Empire as the claimant to the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) throne Andreas Palaiologos sold his right to Charles VIII of France in 1494. The restored German nobles elected Michael Holy Roman Empire and in an Imperial Diet, gave Michael autocratic power and the authority to name his successor. The First Order and Eastern Roman Empire merged with the Holy Roman Empire.

The United States of America amended the Constitution making Michael Emperor of the United States.

Michael is the Holy Roman Emperor during The Last World War.


Michael is a very pious Catholic. He politically identifies as a conservative Kennedy Democrat who opposes the party’s radical shift to the left after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He voted for the Republican Party in elections seeing them as the lesser evil because he is pro life and supports strong border security. As Emperor, Michael is in regular communication with the Angel Victor. He makes sure that his policies are following the will of God.